Sean O’Kelly Inspires You to Become Your Best Self

Sean O’Kelly is a Los Angeles based muli-instrumentalist who creates modern pop music but with a unique vintage twist. Throwing in dashes of jazz and neo-soul alongside vocals inspired by Queen and The Beatles makes for an incredibly inspiring listening experience. We found ourselves falling into with Sean O’Kelly’s latest self-produced release, “Just Give Love,” which features the gorgeous vocals from Oliver Kuper-Harris.

“Just Give Love” in particular talks about unification and people coming together, and we found that being something that a lot of people will be able to take in inspiration from. It further shows how Sean O’Kelly is able to craft a piece of art that is both exciting to listen to, unique, and tells a profound message. Sean O’Kelly is soon releasing a fan-inspired music video for “Just Give Love.” We are incredibly excited to see it once it comes out in the next few weeks. #BUZZMUSIC