Sean Stephens Drops His Exhilarating Debut Single, "Violet Wonderland"

Coming in hot from New York City, the up and coming artist Sean Stephens releases his gleaming debut single, "Violet Wonderland." Currently working on the entire EP titled "Violet Wonderland," Stephens has participated in many live music scenes, playing Derek in the Off-Broadway production Camp Morning Wood and now making waves in New York's cabaret scene.

Finally releasing his lively debut single "Violet Wonderland," Sean Stephens has instilled this track with heated passion and picturesque lyrics full of love and life. The upbeat production gives this modern flair and keeps our toes tapping with each deep kick and groovy transition.

"Violet Wonderland" begins with House-infused piano chords and exhilarating drum patterns, not to mention Sean Stephens' playful vocals delivering warmth and energy. As the track progresses, the upbeat production accompanied by a funky bass lick creates this highly danceable and energetic atmosphere, perfect for a memorable night out.

Sean Stephens switches up his vocal delivery and goes into his verse while rhythmically rapping and giving the track many modern elements. Contrarily, his background vocals and supporting instrumentation give this irresistible 80s disco flair that adds incredible depth to this delightful debut. While closing off the track with tremendous energy and passion, Sean Stephens has highly impressed us with this thorough and stimulating single.

"Violet Wonderland" gives listeners boundless inspiration to go out and achieve whatever they desire, while Sean Stephens serenades us and continues this inspirational tone for anyone who needs it most.

We love the energy and life that exudes from your debut single, "Violet Wonderland." Why do you feel that this song is the perfect introduction for fans getting to know you and your music?

I grew up listening to pretty much any genre of music I could get my ears on so my influence is pretty vast. At the core, I love pop music and making pop music, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of rules in pop. So “Violet Wonderland” takes all aspects of music that I love and throws it into a blender.

Within your single "Violet Wonderland," we can hear many modern elements that are interestingly supported by nostalgic and funky aspects as well. What sort of atmosphere were you initially attempting to create within the song's production/instrumentation?

I wanted to give a nod to Prince while also throwing in elements of Britney. I feel like funk is finding its way back into pop music so I wanted to explore what mixing that with bubble gum-epic choruses would feel like. There’s a lot of sass and fun to be had.

We've heard that you're also deep into the Musical Theater and cabaret scene. Do you feel that doing live theater has given you an advantage within your music career, and has it helped your music flourish in any way?

Musical Theatre has given me the chance to explore characters that helps in pop music. A lot of times these 4-minute songs are chances to escape so theatre ties directly into that. Escapism and theatricality is the root of pop music.

Speaking on your upcoming EP "Violet Wonderland," what should listeners expect from the project? What does the project mean to you, seeing as it's your first EP?

I really hope I can give listeners a journey into my brain with this EP. I love exploring different textures and layers of my style so expect it to venture into different genres. For so long I’ve wanted to put my own stamp on music so this is my opportunity to use my voice.