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Seanloui Fuses The Lines Between Classic Pop And Modern R&B With New Hit “Outer Space”

Seanloui is an Arizona R&B band who arrived with a purpose to radiate nothing short than soul from their tantalizingly dark subject matters that collides with hazy and ethereal production that mingles with seduction. Led by French-American musician and songwriter Sean, they lightly interlace Pop sensibilities into smooth and sultry R&B delivery. Seanloui leaves listeners pleading for more as they lyrically tackle subject matters such as heartbreak, romance and sending misaligned energy straight out the door. Channeling the likes of Marvin Gaye with shades of Usher, KAYTRANADA and Craig David, Seanloui’s material to date gained the praise of The Huffington Post and EDM Magazine hailing the band as the "next big thing in R&B music.”

Seanloui released their single titled “Outer Space” off their EP project “The Church Project” and this groovy hit record will be the next anthem you MUST play at your next function. The magnifying and electric jam begins with an outer world fx signalling in before the funky and soulful pop dance tune transitions in. the vocals are projected with a classic smooth-sailing RnB voice resonance. What I really like most about this single is the vintage bubblegum pop flare this song has. The presence of “Outer Space” elevates a sensual yet iconically an archetypal aura that’s addicting and feels like a musical drug! When we listen to most songs we look for a certain vibe or feeling from the sounds we hear in our ear. Some songs make us sad, some happy, and some make us want to fall in love! Regardless of the emotion, it’s undeniably a fact that music has a way of contributing to our current state of sentiments. Seanloui plays with that special quality highly well in "Outer Space" when they encourage you to dance and feel as if you’ve been abducted in a more older and charismatic time period!

Listen to "Outer Space" here and get to know Seanloui in our interview below!

Hi Seanloui, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Seanloui ( just like it sounds haha ) I live in Tucson Arizona. I'm the main songwriter and musician in the band SeanLoui.

How impactive is soul music for you?

Its' pretty impactful. I wouldn't describe my music as " soul music" though. It's most def more of the Pop/R&B vibes. I think any music that touches on the is essentially " Soul Music ". Something that moves the person to action , or impacts them so much that it ( the soul) changes. I think my latest EP " The Church Electric " does exactly that.

How do you guys describe your songwriting approach? do you have any specific meanings behind your songs?

Majority of the the Church Electric was done over the course of a few months. Driving along the roads of Arizona and the lyrics and melodies would just come to me. Jimi Hendrix had a vision that talked about building an " Electric Church" where music is the language that moves and unites us all into a form of peace and harmony. My EP " The Church Electric" is about taking that same concept and taking it a step further. Electricity can light up the night and bring all those in the darkness closer together. Itt also can be used as form of " ammunition" to break down the chains and barriers from those that don't want us to unite.

What can our readers look forward from you guys on “The Church Electric” EP?

It's pure groove. You cant help but move your head and body to the beat. Its literally designed that way. The melodies are infectious as well, causing you to sing along. Being at all of the shows and seeing the crowd singing the lyrics is incredible. Most def touches on being a religious experience for sure.

Do you have any personal favorite songs on this EP? If so which and why?

I love the song Outer Space. Its literally the anthem of all all the songs combined. I use the analogy of being in " Outer Space" to talk about actions from those of us that are becoming angry at those who have the power to create peace on earth, but don't.

What can we expect from you this year?

OH MAN! Some cool stuff is in the works , another EP coming in the summer and something huge in the Fall. Tons of collabs from amazing artists and shows in Arizona and the West coast and Europe.


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