Search For "Release" With Christina Martino's Soulful Single

The spunky and soulful Singer/Songwriter Christina Martino is wowing listeners with the depth of her recent release, "Release."

You might recognize Christina Martino's sound and brand, as she's the five-foot ball of fire that jumps with energy until the song's very last beat. Continuously powering through the likes of R&B, Pop, and Rock, we're always excited to treat our ears to the singer/songwriter's soulful stylings. 

Through her latest single, "Release," listeners are able to hear the unique vocal abilities that Christina Martino offers with her incredibly broad vocal range that moves mountains. With an in-depth concept surrounding the groaning thoughts our minds can produce, Martino pushes through with exhilarating instrumentation that firmly holds the middle finger towards our inner-demons. 

"Release" opens with plucky acoustic guitar and snazzy drum patterns. Once Christina Martino's warm and thrilling vocals appear, we've instantly set sail into the song's blistering and heated atmosphere. The song's instrumentals seem to reside under Blues/Rock, especially with help from the natural soul and strength Christina Martino's vocals offer. 

Continuing to drift into this sweet and soulful tune, Christina Martino's lyrical content powers through with the underlying concept depicting her need for release and tranquility as she attempts to escape the darkest corners of her mind. Pushing to find that sweet-escape we all dream of, Martino has crafted this tune to be incredibly relatable and robust. 

Singing with the utmost power and vigor, we're stunned by the strength and soul that Christina Martino has infused into the Bluesy-Rock anthem, "Release."

We are completely and utterly captivated by the power you've infused into your single, "Release." What inspired you to create such a mighty tune that seeks a needed sweet-escape?

Unlike other songs of mine, the music came first for me. I had this bluesy, ominous repeated guitar riff that gave me a feeling that something was stirring below the surface. I associated that sensation with my struggles with anxiety.  I felt like it was important to write a song that lyrically and musically reflected the rapid climbing of an anxious spiral and how we can lose control of our own thoughts. I think the hard, but an extremely universal feeling of wanting a sense of peace, but not being able to find it is important to write about for people to have a space to recognize they are not alone in feeling that way.   

Seeing as your music tends to fall under R&B, Pop, and Rock, what pushed you to bask in the depths of Blues/Rock for the instrumentals on "Release"?

I’ve always loved bluesy/rock singers like Bonnie Raitt and there’s a different sense of power that I feel when I sing that type of music.  Though I do tend to stick to certain genres, I don’t feel confined to them.  I like to do whatever fits the song and for “Release,” this style made sense. 

Your songwriting capabilities truly shine through with your thrilling single, "Release." How did you go about writing the correct lyricism that not only fits your inner-struggles but also relates to the struggles of the listener?

I find that even though our personal struggles feel so unique to us specifically, when I dig deep and relay the real specifics of what I am feeling, the listener often finds themselves more in the song than when I go into the writing process with the purpose of being “universal” and “relatable.”  We are all a lot more alike than we think and a listener will identify with a feeling more if it is authentic. 

We noticed that you also dropped a unique music video for your single, "Release." What inspired the video's one-shot concept where we see you scribbling away in a notebook, all to ruin it in the end?

For this video, I knew I wanted to show how small, stressful occurrences can build up into full-blown anxiety.  However, I didn’t want to force-feed my own emotional response to each pencil breaking or drink spilling, so I didn’t include my face and chose a birds-eye-view shot of only the table setup and my hands.  I also filmed the video this way because I wanted the audience to insert their own reactions to the things happening and feel the tension build both musically and visually like it was them making the mess.  In addition, I thought it was important to visually show three different ways anxiety can manifest – buried deep down (organized set up in beginning), exploding at the surface (balloons popping and paint everywhere), and failing to cover it up (putting napkins over the mess in the end).  I wanted to bring to light that anxiety looks different for anyone, so it is important to understand each person’s mental health story. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

What has kept me inspired in 2020 is the rollercoaster of emotions that the close people in my life and myself have gone through.  Music can provide an escape and a safe space to feel those feelings and not feel alone. This time graces us with an opportunity to write about different topics and struggles that are at this time period’s core.  I’m hoping to shed some light on these hard situations and add some reassurance and positivity into the mix with my music.  Along those lines, the next song I will be releasing is about learning to be okay with the inevitably unknown future.