Search the Cosmic Galaxy With, "Find Me'

BFX has been an advocate for music and creativity since a young age. With the firm belief that each individual shouldn’t be limited to one sound or one form of an expressive outlet, he taps into the experimental elements of his music as he incorporates various genres and influences that shape the creativity he delivers to his audience.

As an Afghan artist, he hopes to show his community members the talent and dedication that has been instilled within himself as he inspires others to release their music or content.

Collaborating with producer and vocal artist, Amirdapoet who hails from the DMV area of Washington, BFX pairs his conscious goals with the mindset of Amirdapoet which works to strengthen one another as they boost those through utilizing their voice.

Honing in on their latest co-creation, “Find Me,” the Afghan-American artists provide an almost ethereal ambiance in the vivacious hues they cast out. A compelling grip is placed upon you like the sonic elements of this single seeps into your speakers and fiercely pulls you into its embrace. Each reverberated tone flashes a glimpse of the intricate chambers that were explored to bring us to where we stand in harmony with BFX and Amirdapoet.

By keeping the haunting timbres textured with distortion and thriving in the back of the composition until they fully peak at 1:59, the timing executed has us shook to our core. There is a mystery that weaves itself throughout this composition as the bass-heavy arrangement fluently plays on tight-knit drum patterns and electric synths. “Find Me,” emits an enthralling light that illuminates the creative path that both BFX and Amirdapoet choose to guide us through.

Navigating the musical ship and expressing themselves in a way that evokes an optimistic essence of a better tomorrow, we can’t shy away from the talent laced within the dynamism of these two emerging artists.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BFX, and Amirdapoet. Your latest single “Find Me,” creates such a bold universe for us to explore. Could you please share the inspiration for how this concept came to life?

Upon creating “Find Me”, our intention was to make a track that entices the listener to explore their curiosity, but it’s also something you can enjoy lightheartedly and drive to.

Your chemistry is amazing. How did you two come together in order to create this piece and what was it like working with one another?

This was my first time that we worked with each other, and it could not have gone any smoother. Amir had played one of his previous songs (LONELY) for BFX, and his immediate reaction was for both of us to create a song together, as he felt I would complement his style well. BFX had a song already prepared, after collaborating and inputting our styles into the song, it turned into something totally different from what it started as. Both of our personalities are calm and collective, so working on this instrumental and style of the song was natural especially with the change of direction from the original idea that we had for the song.

In your own words, what does “Find Me” mean to the two of you as the creators? What are you hoping your listeners take away from it?

This track can be enjoyed at a party or just on a drive. We wanted to give the listeners something that they could dance to, but also something that could perhaps invoke thinking or remembrance of someone in their life. The beauty of this song, and of music in general, is that the listener can decide what the song means to them, and it varies person-to-person.

What happens to be the highlight of each of your careers thus far?

For Amirdapoet, he has released two previous singles, but this song happens to be the highlight of his career so far because it has received the most positive feedback. For BFX, the highlight of his career would be taking a more interactive approach to the song, by having small listening parties and engaging with his listeners more to gain insights and feedback. The goal is to spark conversations around the song Find Me and create interactions through networking via social media.

What's next for you?

BFX and Amirdapoet will have some new music coming out soon, so stay tuned for that. The next style of singles will definitely be a lot different from Find Me, just to show some versatility with our approach to music. However, based on the feedback from the song, we will definitely drop another collaboration that will give the people what they enjoy.


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