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Seasoned Artist Matt Nakoa Releases New Storytelling Single “Beggar By The Weekend”

Artist, Matt Nakoa, grew up on a small goat farm in Smyrna, New York. Matt began composing music and creating music as a teenager and won a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. Matt Nakoa studied alongside soon-to-be Grammy winners St. Vincent and Esperanza Spaulding. After college, Matt toured with his band and eventually landed in New York City’s vibrant piano bar scene. There he quickly became a star performer at Brandy’s Piano Bar in Manhattan. Having a solo album with a electric pop theme and another that explores a more simple acoustic palette I am eager to hear his latest “Beggar by the Weekend”.

"Beggar By The Weekend" is a down to earth song that touches the soul. It's a song that listeners can easily relate to. Matt Nakoa reminds me a lot of a younger Adam Levine with his memorable voice. What I love about "Beggar By The Weekend" is how the song sounds live - wow! The production really makes it sound like you are right there listening to this song front row at one of Matt's shows! There is a perfect climax halfway through the song that gives us a taste of Matt’s vocal range. We are completely captured by Matt Nakoa's unique soulful voice. Matt Nakoa has soul and for a composer, lyricist and performer he's got it all! Bravo! We are really looking forward to more this year from Matt Nakoa.

Listen to "Beggar By The Weekend" by Matt Nakoa here.

Hello Matt! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

(In best Johnny Cash voice): Hi, I'm Matt Nakoa.

What was the hardest thing about learning piano?

Probably stopping when my parents told me to! They would get super annoyed when it was time for the evening news and I was still going at it. Also, I guess if I'm being honest, I had a hard time focusing on my lessons sometimes, because I'd really rather improvise or compose than practice my scales. Oh, and bombing in front of everybody sucks too. That's definitely happen more than a few times. But the joy of music far outweighs the challenges.

“Beggar by the weekend" tells a story. Could you give us some insight to that story?

Well, it's sort of an every-man, every-woman story about working your ass off and feeling like it's not getting you anywhere. Hell, sometimes your love life's no better. So it's just a song about how that shit can happen if you're not careful. That said, it can just as easily turn up roses for you with the right perspective shift. It ain't really so bad, you know.

How did the concept for the music video come about?

I met with some friends: a director and a couple of super talented DPs I know. I gave them the album and a budget and said, "What seems doable?" We zeroed in on Beggar because it was a fun-time tune and we quickly developed a cute little treatment for it. Production involved about 80 people and one insane weekend. I remember that exhausted, happy feeling very well.

What can we expect from you with your music in the coming months?

I just finished a new album! It's called Casting Shadows, and its' getting pressed as we speak! So hold on to your hats 'cause there's a-gonna be a sandstorm of singles, videos, and tour dates this year. Visit and subscribe to my mailing list to hear it all first!


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