Seasoned Performer And Artist Brittany Campbell Is Starting A “Buzz”

Brittany Campbell is an award winning Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Animator and Actress. Getting her start from an early age winning a singing competition that led her to join the Metropolitan Opera, Brittany has graced Broadway stages, and can currently be found on stage in Hamilton, Chicago. Brittany's debut album Stay Gold was self-released this year and received raving reviews. Showing off her arsenal of emotion-evoking R&B lyrics and vocals on Stay Gold, the album caught the attention of many fans.

Already well known for her incredible vocals, Brittany Campbell’s album “Stay Gold” features the soulful track “Buzz”. A chill R&B vibe, Brittany Campbell keeps us captivated through her descriptive lyricism and intense sound arrangements. I love the textured layers of instrumentals and powerful R&B beats all fused into one spectacular ballad. The lyricism and emotion behind her words is captivating throughout the single and I’d love to know the inspiration behind this track. As a vocalist, Brittany Campbell is gifted beyond her years and we can’t get enough! She’s earned her success and we’re excited to see how much further this rising start will go.

Check out “Buzz” here and read more with Brittany Campbell in our interview below!

Hi Brittany! Can you tell us more about yourself and what inspires you to write music?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My family is 100% Jamaican, which meant I heard a lot of reggae growing up. I sang all my life. When I was 7, I was sort of drafted into the Metropolitan Opera which opened up music for me in a big way. I wanted to hear genres. My granduncle (is that a thing?) had a HUGE vinyl collection in the attic of our house. I used to sneak up there and listen to everything from Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, The Beatles, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin...Nat King Cole...The list goes on and on. I discovered Jimmy Hendrix/there was a guy in highschool that was really good at guitar so I started playing. I didn't really begin writing until my Junior year of college. I was at Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama...the focus was primarily on acting. A friend of mine showed me Garageband...I got hooked...I started writing music everyday. I think the biggest inspiration- what really got me writing was falling in love for the first time...and then my first heartbreak. Suddenly I had a lot to talk about.

Can you describe your stage presence and live performance?

I like to perform with a live band. I'm a big believer in analog instruments and musical ferocity. My music sounds like rnb pop on the record but it veers on the rock side of things when played live.  

“Buzz” is a great song! Can you tell us the meaning behind it?

Lol well...its about getting fucked up lol. I wrote it about a time in my life when i was out partying all the time! I spent a lot of time heartbroken in my previous relationship and parties were my escape. My nights spent in an alternate/lifted state..wether that be because of the music, alcohol, whatever...

What challenges did you face when writing this single and how did you overcome them?

Absolutely none lol. I was fun as hell to write Buzz...and freeing. 

What makes you so passionate about music and how do you continue to feed that passion?

Well music has always been tied together with love for me. I feel that love is very important and music is the best way that I can share long as that remains true for me as a woman, as a person of color, as a a human...I'll continue to make music.


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