Sebi is Here to Win Our Affection with His Latest Single, “Don’t Want to Fall in Love”

Wistful, multi-genre R&B artist, Sebi, announces his long-awaited single, “Don’t Want to Fall in Love.”

Originally from Urumqi, China, this Los Angeles based creative wears many hats in order to create a unique sound that encompasses elements of passion, longing, and desire, tugging our heartstrings through each song written and produced. Back with another single, he is determined to win us overusing his matchless roster of musical influences and distinct well-crafted abilities.

“Don’t Want to Fall in Love,” commences with the deep, reverberated sound of an acoustic guitar strumming away. The instrumentation is greeted with the soft, yet, fervent vocals of Sebi.

The heartfelt tone in his voice conveys a memo of not wanting to fall in love because he doesn’t want to hurt the person on the reciprocating end. The lyrics penned, “You don’t wanna fall in love, ‘cause you’ll always need me and I’ll never be enough, is it hard to see?” matches the sorrow he exudes in this record. The essence of all that is “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love,” is synchronized when the pure harmonies come in at the last chorus, creating another dimension to this ballad showcasing his vocal range as an artist.

Sebi managed to tap into our nostalgia in such an effortless way and we won't complain one bit!  We are excited to see what is in store for this artist as we add this song next in our queue.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sebi. Congratulations on the release of “Don’t Want to Fall in Love.” Could you please tell us what this ballad means to you? 

Hey, thank you BuzzMusic. This ballad means a lot because this is a song originally wrote by one of my friends N.I.K , he’s also the producer of the song and it was really good and it was something he was experiencing, so I really wanted to make it come to life. 

When creating a piece of work, do you create the instrumental components before adding vocals or vice versa?

For this one, I believe we made the beat first and he wrote the lyrics. I usually make the beat first and write the song as well, I come up with the melody first and then I start writing lyrics.

We would love to know, who is your ideal collaboration in your musical journey? I would love to collaborate with Michael Jackson, but I know that he’s not physically here, but I would love to do something like what Drake did with one of Michaels songs. Chris Brown, and Zayn.  How important is it for you to speak on personal experiences in your craft? How did you do this in "Don't Want to Fall in Love?"

Speaking from personal experiences is a must for me because I like talking about real experiences that I go through in life, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to it, I love writing real stuff. And for don’t want to fall in love it’s from a real experience from my friend and I hope I did a good job delivering it.

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music, this year?

This year has been extremely difficult for musicians for sure, I’m pretty sure a lot of people lost their jobs and their funds for their music, and with no tours, A lot of musicians lost their income. I feel like the biggest is the source of inspiration while creating music this year was everything that has happened with Covid in the Black Lives Matter movement, and battling with hate, at the end I would say it mainly loves. Love and hope.