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Sed’Trieaun Tells His Story With “Progress”

Sed’Trieaun was born in Flint Michigan, and picked up the inclination for music at an early age thanks to his grandfather. He fell immensely in love with the motown sound, popular in Detroit. Wanting to be a part of the iconic temptations was his first musical dream. He looks at his musical talent as a gift and a curse since he learned how to rap from his abusive stepfather. After the dark times, Sed’trieaun and his mother moved to the south for a new journey and adventure. Years later, his music speaks for itself.

Sed’Trieaun released his single “Progress” and it was a raw, uncut hit from the artist himself who allows his listener to experience the life of Sed behind the artistry. The lyrics were highly personable to his background and upbringing, which created an authentic nature to the rapper. The delivery was aggressive and struck you like a fist! The beat had this hard-hitting trap foundation that supported the articulation of Sed’Trieaun highly well. Although the lyrics were personable to the artist, it was still able to serve as a factor that relates for many people who may have experienced the similar life he experienced. Therefore, “Progress” is not only a vulnerable record in a sense, but a record in which its listeners can feel connected too, while of course also enjoying the head-banging beat and flaming hot delivery! If you didn’t know who Sed was prior to listening to this song, you get an idea now. You see yourself saying “wow, he’s highly passionate about this” his specific passion is displayed in his way to break down the walls between him and his music, and become sentimental with his lyrical writing. Sed’Trieaun is a rapper with a story to tell, and we’re excited to watch him tell it!

Listen to "Progress" here and get to know more about Sed’Trieaun below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself?

From Flint, Michigan, wrote my first verse at age 7(was terrible), music isn’t just something I want to do, but it’s also a lifestyle, consider myself ambidextrous.Think boots should only be worn in snow.

Tell us about “Progress”! What's the meaning behind it?

Progress is essentially me owning up to my lackadaisical habits. It was me realizing I had the power to change everything, I just have to take notes from the good and the bad, the do’s and don’ts. And learning from my life

How is "Progress" different than songs you've released in the past?

Prior to “M.U.M.D”, I was a “mixtape rapper”.Just writing bars to industry beats I liked, I never invested in myself. That all changed when I started to write progress. No lie, one night I was asking for a sign or something. I needed to know if music was the path. The next morning I got an email from a random producer, begging me not to stop rapping. That’s the first beat he sent me.The song wrote itself! It’s always easier for me, and more fulfilling when you talk about things you go through, rather then materialistic items.

What do you hope new listeners get out of your music?

What do you hope new listeners get out of your music? I hope they realize that their life is in their hands. Whatever’s intriguing to you, go get it. The seafood restaurant isn’t going to show you how to fish. That’ll make them loose profit!Hope they realize it’s more to it than the glitz & glam.Stand for something or fall for anything #MUMD

What’s next for you?

There’s Open mics every other night in the Tampa Bay Area, always busy!You can catch me at the local hip hop shows!Just continue investing in myself, rather it’s networking/ buying beats from producers, or paying for promotion. Continuing to drop seeds hoping trees grow.On top of that, the dream funds itself !!


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