SEDA Belts Out to the Universe for Closure On latest Single, "One More Time"

With a uniquely diverse stylistic approach and an innate predisposition to cracking-open hearts with his emollient voice, SEDA, the Puerto Rican Singer-Songwriter from New York City, intonates with a chest full of emotional disposition over his latest single, "One More Time."

The insatiable vocals and resounding crescendos found within his music shouldn't come as a surprise by now. The Bronx native has released two full-length extended plays since his musical inception, and both those records could be considered any vocal aficionado's reverie, which makes this next musical endeavor a sure-shot success in the eyes of fans who are acquainted with SEDA's music already. 

With an impressive vocal performance, and with SEDA gathering the touchstones of his R&B and Pop influences with a connoisseur's ear, "One More Time" feels like an organized display of modern R&B's most powerfully viewpoints on love, and how it can stir the soul beyond remedy. 

Taking you by the hand, showing you the kaleidoscopic display of his vocal dominions with resounding waltz-like choruses, and catching hold of your senses with fervent warbles from the bottom of his diaphragm, SEDA finds his vantage point over smooth instrumentals; which settle you in for the vocal presentation of the year.

Featuring a mid-tempo, swaying cadence, and with a cross-stick anchoring the rhythm like seldom wavering clock-work, SEDA works in tandem with a forward-present electric guitar that just as beautifully appeals to your ears like a salubrious whisper from an empyreal cherub. When SEDA erupts over the chorus, singing, "I know it's not over, we had no closure, we never said goodbye," it's clear what this song is about: finding catharsis through the closure of a relationship. It's this sort of hard-felt sentiments that interlock into his music since day one, and here, it hits more potent than ever. 

Over a baffling vocal-range, the Bronx-native festoons the expanses of his R&B mix with a manifold of saturating croons, which never border becoming overwhelming, always landing on the heart with a healthy-weighted "oomf" every time he hits the peak notes. When his harmonies evaporate into the mix to embellish his infatuating hook, it's impossible to not feel the deep well of emotion that SEDA naturally diffuses with each decrying incantation as his bolstering melodies amalgamate together to create an unforgettable after-glow. 

If anything can be said for sure about "One More Time," it's that you'll be repeating the catchword every time the song ends; hover over the re-play button for one more waltz down SEDA's impressive vocal presentation.

Can you walk us through how "One More Time" came to fruition? Where did the narrative get its influences from? Was this song based on a real-life experience?

This song was inspired after my attempt at quitting music and dedicated to lost love. I was having a rough time artistically and personally and was on the verge of stopping my pursuit of music to pursue other ventures, however, I heard the beat of this song and I felt inspired all over again. It was as if it was a sign not to quit. These words poured out of me in 15 minutes. I worked hard on it and have several versions of it, however, the lyrical content remained the same. I believe this was a sign to continue pursuing something I committed myself to long ago. I have been pursuing music for 6 years and I hadn't felt inspired to write anything for a year until this song came along and it pretty much wrote itself. It was a purge and I also began working on myself and on being more vulnerable and I put it all into the music to have created one of my most honest songs.

When you think about some of the emotions you needed to channel-into to capture the performance on "One More Time," do they strike you as commonplace in your artistic process now?

I will continue to dive into my vulnerability which has never been a strong suit of mine, therefore why I think most people are connecting to it. I connected to the vulnerable side I neglected for so long and I combined it with my art. Not to say that my previous songs weren't honest, however, it felt different while writing and recording this song. I sang from a place I didn't recognize and even hit notes on the song I didn't know I was capable of due to where in my life I was when I created it.

Was there a lesson intertwined into the anecdote behind "One More Time?" Or maybe something you've learned about yourself through this song's recording process that you can share?

I was reminded of my purpose and that the pain I experienced in my life is something I need to tap into more. All life lessons happen for a reason and I have always believed I was meant to be a messenger as I have been called during my hiatus by fans I didn't know I have. For any artist listening, continue to pursue what you are passionate about, you never know who's listening and needs to hear the messages you are conveying due to your own trials that you have overcome. I learned never to give up on what you love and most of all never to give up on yourself.

If you could give us a few words that would act as a prologue to the experience fans can expect when diving into "One More Time" and the intent you had behind the song, what would you say?

I genuinely wanted to create a piece of work that was timeless, bold, and honest lyrically and vocally. I tend to add layers and harmonies to many of my songs, but this song was one of the most organic writing and recording sessions. Simple instruments and honesty combined with real emotion. I actually shed tears while writing and recording this song at times. It was a message I needed to express and if I can help one person with my art, then I have truly accomplished my mission. I love retro-soul music, and I knew I had to go back to my roots with my comeback to the music scene and I vow to never look back. I will continue on the path of writing from an honest and vulnerable place while also still experimenting however I feel like I have truly learned my voice and I no longer take music for granted. I feel like this is my first song in many ways. This has been my most shared song thus far and the messages I have been receiving show me that this song is connecting due to the honest approach. I am truly proud of it and the songs I have created since creating this song have been approached the same way.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

During this year, I have reconnected to music, and It has truly gotten me through this entire year. I have created so much music and have listened to so many throwbacks which is why I believe I was also inspired to go with the retro-soul sound. There's something about how the throwbacks make you feel. That nostalgic feeling you get from hearing them, and that's why I needed this song to have that vibe which several people also tell me they feel from it. I have read so many books and just been diving into writing whether for art or just personal reasons. My songs have been pulled from many of my journal entries lately. 2021 will also be filled with new music as I have been extremely inspired and hope to venture out and write for other artists in the future. I have a new single I plan to release in early 2021 and working on a few other things I don't want to talk about much to keep an element of surprise. Just want to thank you for this experience of sharing a little of myself with you and shoutout to all of the fans and people that have been supporting this song and career thus far. I am truly grateful and will continue to rock out for us.