See A Deeper Side Of Auti In Her Newest Single, “4 Years”

Photo by: Jeremy Ryan

From Charleston, West Virginia, singer-songwriter and recording artist Auti trudges through painful memories and experiences in her sincere new single, "4 Years."

An old soul in a teenager's body, Auti looked at life through a different lens and grew up being picked on for her differences. When bullying drove her close friend to take his own life, Auti became driven on her mission for change. Now translating that mission through her music, Auti wants to remind listeners that they are loved, not alone, and have a purpose on this earth.

You might know Auti for her viral video singing Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow," which landed over 300m views. Now, she's letting listeners into her personal world with an homage to her late friend entitled "4 Years."

This gripping and emotional new single begins with melancholy piano melodies that haunt the foreground while Auti makes her gentle and introspective vocal appearance. Her lyrical content grabs your attention right off the bat; it's almost like she's reciting a page from her personal diary. Auti's vocal melodies and transitions are stunning, and the emotion seeping through each word is chilling to the bone.

She has such a way with words, and we're certain that any listener will be impressed with Auti's ability to paint such delicate and life-changing scenes with her reflective storytelling. While singing of the past four years and the pain, confusion, and tears she's experienced, Auti leads us to the outro on a note of clarity, where she finally expresses all that had to be said.

It doesn't get much more sincere than the honest emotion and heart poured into Auti's new single, "4 Years." Find the breathtaking new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Auti. You've truly moved us with your emotional and personal new single, "4 Years." What led you to create this deeply intimate piece?

“4 Years” kind of just happened. It wasn’t something that I planned on writing; I just sat down at the piano on the 4-year anniversary of my friend passing suicide and talked to him.

What was your experience writing such vulnerable and personal lyrics for "4 Years"? Was it challenging to write these emotional words?

It’s not so challenging at the moment, but more so comforting and almost rewarding to be able to get those feelings out through the song itself. I know that if I couldn’t sit down at the piano and speak through that lyricism, it would be something that I would hold with me forever. Performing it live is a whole other story, though. I tend to refer to myself as a “crybaby” with the way that I break down singing more emotional songs - but hey, that’s just another part of healing.

Do you usually create such meaningful and impactful piano-centric songs like "4 Years"? How does this song stand out from your other releases?

I feel like emotional-descriptive-ballad-type songs are my forte. When it comes to fast music, I’ll produce a very rough vision of what I’m going for and then leave the producers to work their magic as I write the lyrics. This song especially stands out right now within my discography because my releases this year started with two upbeat songs - one more pop-rock and one more RNB-bubblegum pop. “4 Years” is obviously a more emotional ballad and completely different from the first two 2022 releases.

What was your goal with "4 Years?" What impact did you want the song to have on listeners?

When I first began writing “4 Years,” I never imagined it as something I would actually release. I never do that with my music anyway, but “4 Years,” in particular, was something I needed to write for my own sake. It had been 4 years since Luke, a close friend of mine, had lost his life to suicide. It had been 4 years of questions and confusion and observing the way it affected those who loved him most. Seeing that, I realized that, above all, I needed “4 Years” to be healing. At the end of the day, my music is meant to be open for interpretation for that exact reason, so I want “4 Years” to connect with everyone in the way they connect with it, with the final goal of finding some healing within it.

What's next for you?

As of right now, I’m continuing to release music, and hopefully, my next project will have several more personal songs. I’d love for listeners to connect with the songs themselves but also get to know me a little better and, most importantly, get to know more about my message. So, in short, we’ll see!