See How Phil. Has Taken the Music Industry by Storm Throughout 2019

Authentic new artist Phil. is here to hit the music scene hard with his original new sound. Phil. is a multi-talented independent artist from Charlotte, NC. Phil. is a singer, rapper and expert storyteller through his flawless lyrics. Growing up lower middle class, Phil has a different perspective on life that helps fuel his unique hip-hop. Kicking off 2019, Phil. dropped his single “Addiction” which was quickly followed up by “Slide” and accompanying music video. Both os these releases saw an incredible number of streams and success. Phil. also went on to be featured in collaborative tracks with Donny T and J Hasan throughout the year, all while maintaining his ever-growing acting career.

More recently, Phil. dropped a brand new single on October 4th titled “S P C E” and swiftly followed it up with “Reborn” with J. Hasan and Ebrin R. Stanley on November 1st. Not only does Phil. have an endless amount of new content on major streaming platforms but he is consistently releasing original remixes on Soundcloud. Through consistency and ambition, Phil. has earned himself over 55k monthly Spotify listeners, over 100k streams on various singles, and almost 5k dedicated fans on Instagram. It won’t be long before Phil. is a household name, stay on the lookout for more!

Listen to Phil.’s new music here

Welcome back, Phil.! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you. Out of everything you’ve accomplished this year, what would you say you’re the proudest of?  What I am proudest of mostly is just releasing a lot of content and showing people how serious I am about my music. And also understanding that everyone is not gonna rock with everything you release and how to not take that personal haha. That sometimes actually ends up pushing me harder because I eventually wanna make a joint the WORLD will vibe out to! Congrats on releasing so many singles in one year and being featured in multiple songs! It truly has been such an impressive year for you. What was the overall concept of your first release of the year, “Addiction”? It’s crazy to think about where that song started, I started writing it about 2 and a half years ago when I was in college about someone I was dating at the time. Then I gave up on it for a while then finished when I moved to Chicago and was in dire need of a creative outlet. The entire concept of the song is trying to let go of that one person you had so much love for and because the prod of the song has a darker timbre  to it, it leads  Personally, I was most engaged by the lyricism within “S P C E”! Can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics on this particular track? What do you hope your listeners take away from the overall sentiment?  It’s funny because this is the one song I collaborated with a friend of mine, Mekhai Lee, on this specific song. He had written to the first part of the song, showed it to me and offered it to me and usually, I would’ve been like “Nah I’m good” by the song was so fire I had to use it. The song is about the aftershock of getting over that ex that meant everything to you and the mind space behind that. I just hope this song prompts people to STOP BREAKING HEARTS aha Also, I just released the official video for S P C E go check it out!

Among your singles in 2019, you’re featured on 2 new singles! What has been the most exciting collaboration for you this year?  The most exciting collab for this year is actually something that hasn't been released. I have a song with one of my homie, “Jr.” with a song called Stay With Me that should be coming out within the next month or so. My verse on the song is almost the most in the pocket I’ve ever been and I can’t wait for the world to experience. What do you think it was about your single “One That I Want” that made it so increasingly popular with your fan base?  I think this song was recognized because it truly captures what I’m striving for my sound to be. The epitome of my singer/rapper pocket. There also aren’t a lot of rap songs that talk about specifically wanting one girl, as opposed to having hella h*es and whatnot lol. (On a project I have coming out, there will actually be a remix to this song, I’m hella excited about) Thanks so much for catching up with us! What are you working on currently? We’re always looking forward to hearing more from you. Right now I am currently working in a joint EP with my homie J. Hasan, which will be released under the group name Empty Royalty! And I have my own project that will be released late February-early March. I know I have spoken of many incarnations of this project but this one is actually set in stone and will be named “Different Cities”.