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Sekawnee Wears His Heart On His Sleeve in, "ME & U"

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, singer-songwriter, producer, engineer, and recording artist Sekawnee releases a playful and passionate banger with his latest single, "ME & U."

The 22-year-old Afro-Indigenous artist comes from the Squamish, Tla'amin, Kwakwaka'wakw/Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw, Tɫingit, and Xaayda Nations. His music is known to reflect his life and personality, bringing in new energy and vibes to the independent music industry while captivating listeners with his mesmerizing productions or exciting lyrical content.

Recently dropping his heartfelt and groovy single, "ME & U," listeners are able to form a solid introduction with Sekawnee and his versatile music while he grooves to the song's dense beat and portrays his affection for someone close. This song is widely engaging and captivating, as Sekawnee offers his relatable lyrical content while serenading us with his tender and warm vocal stylings.

Listening to "ME & U," the song takes off with a haunting mid-tempo hip-hop beat alongside sizzling synths that bring an ominous and mysterious tone. As Sekawnee joins the party, he begins to describe his passion for someone while thinking about them day in and out. We adore the natural tonality that Sekawnee's voice has to offer, as it's equally as chilling as it is mesmerizing.

This song is bound to make waves across the independent hip-hop scene, as Sekawnee's dense and punchy production alongside his charismatic and passionate performance make for the perfect experience to kick back with. As he leads us to the song's haunting outro, Sekawnee leaves us with nothing but passion and desire to get us back on our feet after.

Bask in the atmospheric tones of Sekawnee's latest single, "ME & U," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Sekawnee. We love the passion and honesty you've brought to your recent single, "ME & U." What inspired you to create this emotional and personal piece?

Being in a relationship you have your ups and downs. I wanted to write a song about wanting to be with someone no matter what position or circumstance we may be in.

Did you create the entire production for "ME & U" yourself? What was your solo creative process like when formulating and navigating the song's sonic vibe?

Yes, I wrote, produced, and engineered ME & U by myself. I remember when I first make the beat, it was just another day in the studio and I was wanting something new from myself. I wanted something everyone could relate to and grab onto. First I started with the melody, then I added the drums. I haven’t even started arranging the beat and I already started hearing lyrics in my head. I wrote and recorded the hook down and I actually left the song for about 2 weeks before I came back to it. I just felt like everything about this song was different so I didn’t want to force anything at the moment. I wanted some time to reflect and think of alternate ways the song could go before I returned to complete the verse and arrangements. Once I returned I freestyled the verse and wrote a bridge. Before it was completely done to my liking I rearranged the song about 4 times before I was satisfied.

During your songwriting process for "ME & U," did you face any personal challenges when writing such intimate and vulnerable lyrics? Or was it easy for you to transmute your emotions into lyrics?

It's easy for me when I make beats that just strike a chord in me. I find the best songs almost just write themselves. When I'm in the studio I really don't like forcing things. If something is not working and it takes me too long to figure it out. I move on- I move on to something else or start something new. I like to find that special feeling or vibe and hold onto it through the whole process. Once I lose that feeling or it’s not there I know it's not worth my time to continue.

Could you tell us more about your artistic brand and what you strive to represent? What should your audience associate you and your music with?

I don’t want to be put in a box artistically, I want my fans to know I’m here to push boundaries. Being a music producer, songwriter, and engineer I know I’m capable of so much more. When I’m in the studio I love chasing that feeling. If I like the feeling I’m going to rock with it till the very end. Kinda like a relationship lol. I really look up to Pharell Williams, Travis Scott, Dr. Dre, and Kanye West. All 4 of them being artists/Producers. I want to represent all the native and black youth on the rez and in the ghettos. I grew up in low-income housing and on the reservation in British Columbia, Canada. I want the next generation to know anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and work hard. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! No matter how big or small.

What's next for you?

I’m back to work, I have so much new music to be heard and I can’t wait to release it all. I’ve been working on some visuals that are going to be crazy so you can stay tuned for that. I’m currently in school for Music Production, Recording & Business and I’ll be graduating this December from the Nimbus School of Recording & Media. As for my plans moving forward. You're just going to have to wait because I’m taking over. I can’t let you know too much...


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