Self-Made Artist N/A Drops Emotive Hip-Hop Track “2Way”

Born in Manhattan to a single mother who was in the US illegally, N/A had a rough start at life. After being put into foster care and not starting school until 7 years old, N/A had to figure out life on his own. He was part of a choir starting from age 11 until he was 14 and this grew his passion for making music. After a brief hiatus, N/A is now making noise out of Toronto, Canada. N/A is making waves in the hip-hop music scene in a big way! With a slew of singles out now, his latest release is a change in direction for this talented rapper and lyricist.

Photography by: Ethan Allen

N/A is trying his hand at a more vulnerable and raw songwriting style in his newest hip-hop track “2Way”. The explosive track is laced with N/A well known contemporary hip-hop sound. You can hear the emotion in his voice but he remains flawless in his delivery of every word. “2Way” is a love anthem that’s perfect to bump when your feeling the mood. N/A knows how to make relateable music for his fans to enjoy. Equipped with an undeniable gift, N/A is admirable for putting his emotions on display in “2Way”. Stay on the lookout for this up and comer!

Check out “2Way” here and read more below in our exclusive with N/A!

Welcome to BuzzMusic N/A! Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us how you got started in music?

What up! Thank you so much for having me. I go by the alias “N/A” which just means not available and those two words kind of sum up my life and who i am as a whole. I started music really young just singing around the house and after being encouraged to take it seriously as a child I entered talent shows, plays, band, the school choir and many more things that helped my development.

Who are you musical influences? How do they inspire you?

I’d have to say my musical influences would be NAV, PNB Rock, Gunna, and my close friend Shao.

They all play different roles in my inspiration. I love Nav’s sound as a whole, the fact that he was making his own beats and engineering all his songs is the reason why i decided to do the exact same thing! PNB and Gunna hav a way with words that one wouldn’t expect with a first glance at them and through that I've learned to be me to the fullest - emotional me, tough me, funny me, cool me. As for Shao, he’s been making music before i even decided to get back into it. To see his vision, development, skill, and all around lifestyle “glo up” and come to fruition, I mean how could i not be inspired by someone who I used to see at skateparks all the time? Not to mention we have the same birth name! 

What does your single “2Way” mean to you? What was the writing process for this track?

I didn’t write 2way. With songs like 2way I never need to write them I just need to record. 2way is an important track to me because I never want to put myself into a box as an artist. I truly listen to all music forms and I truly am a fan of music in general. It was important to me that I released 2way and believed in myself when it came to that song because it’s not often you hear men sing about their feelings or what’s on their mind truly. It’s important we open up.

How has your upbringing shaped who you are as an artist?

Well I got adopted at 13, kicked out of my uncles home at 4 and moved from too many homes to remember. It’s shaped me to be this “not available” individual, one that hides his emotions with a poker face at all times and one that is too scared to show vulnerable sides of themselves. In the same instance though it’s taught me how to open up and when to be vulnerable.

What’s next for you?

Well I’ve got a video dropping some time in august along with the single of course and it’s called “Gotta Go” produced by DATBOI. and I’ve got a 7 track EP dropping September 1st which is apart of my EP series “Life is a phase I”m going Through”. This will be the third volume and in my opinion a real culmination of what my friends and I feel is my best work to date! BE READY FOR A COUPLE EMOTIONAL TRACKS!!!!!!! 

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