Self-Made Rap Artist LyLirra Is Ready To “Takeoff”

Born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine, gifted rap artist LyLirra moved to Edmonton, Canada in 2011. It his spare time LyLirra plays soccer and attends the University of Alberta. Making music since 2017, Lylirra gained attention after the release of his dope track “Chop Chop”. Alway looking for ways to progress his sound and status. Lylirra is well on his way. 

LyLirra just dropped his latest track “Takeoff” and we’re bumping it on repeat. LyLirra has a lyrical flow and sound that sets him apart in today hip-hop music scene. “Takeoff” is a track about Lylirra’s future rise to the top. “When I hit, I hit with lightening” is a lyric in the first verse that I admire. Lylirra knows that his music is fire and he’s dripping in a confidence and swagger that all his fans can see. LyLirra weaves his listeners through his notable come up. No matter what trials and tribulations LyLirra has been through he’s still got his undeniable talent. “Takeoff” is a track that allows listeners to have a deeper look inside LyLirra’s thoughts and become more self-aware of their own outlooks. LyLirra is known for his intense authenticity and “Takeoff” paints a clear picture of that. Keeping up his constant theme of success, LyLirra knows he’ll be a legend. His rhymes are finely-calibrated, his emotive verses spark reactions from his fans and his alluring instrumentals keep us craving more. Stay on the lookout for LyLirra!

Listen to “Takeoff” here and keep scrolling for more with LyLirra!

Welcome to BuzzMusic LyLirra! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about how you got started in the music industry?

When I was in grd11 , I went to a show that kids from my high school were performing at. Watching them hype up the crowd and have a good time inspired me to do the same , that's when I decided that I wanna start this whole music thing. I started dropping songs and getting attention first from my schools then from most of the high schools in my city. I performed with Roy woods at the migos after party and Pressa. I would record at my friends house and started seeing improvement so I started taking it seriously

Let’s talk about the lyrics of “Takeoff”! What theme does this track carry? What inspired it?

The theme of the song is that I'm ready to show a major audience of what I am capable of on the mic, I'm ready to takeoff and get on higher platforms and be seen. The lyrics are all over the place because in my songs I want the hook to be the most remembered . "It's my time to take off" I feel like it's my time to be noticed. "I been in it for a minute now it's time to takeoff" is just me saying that I been in music for 2 years now and I'm ready to get out there ! The beat fit what was in my find and I've always felt that I can go farther and I wanted to let everyone know.

From an artist perspective, what do you think is the most powerful lyric in “Takeoff”?

I think the most important lyric is "sipping through the sprite, n*ggas know I'm right , looking in the mirror see myself I feel the hype" . Because I'm learning about the music industry unlike most people in my city and they know the things I say are right and when I say I see myself in the mirror and feel the hype I mean that I'm on my own and I know I have the sauce in the music and just imagining what I can become if I have big outlets helping me.

Do you have any upcoming shows we should know about?

I have a show with comethazine July 28th at Union hall, I'm opening for him

What’s next for you?

I'm dropping my EP soon and I'm in talks with having famous dex on a song.


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