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Self Taught And Self Made, Drew Skye Releases Her First Single “Saved”

Drew Skye is an up and coming bright-eyed artist from Bakersfield, California. Growing up listening to Buck Owens and Merl Haggard, Drew has a unique sound that gives her a level up on other new artists. She grew up on R&B and soul, and absorbed every ounce of music she could even at the young age of 9! It was then that she discovered her growing passion for music. She’s a self-taught musician and a talented vocalist. Her desire to pursue a solo career gave her the push she needed to make the move to Los Angeles.

“Saved” was released earlier this year and we can’t believe we haven’t been bumping it sooner. The fusion of different genres is evident and Drew highlights her diversity in this spectacular piece. Her vocals are fresh and delicate and the lyrics are poetic. She’s giving us old school Christina Aguilera with a twist. “Saved” is a timeless R&B hit about struggling with love. We relate so much to Drew Skye’s lyric “Sometimes I wish I never met you, praying to forget you”. It’s that moment when you feel like a relationship has scarred you, the only way to avoid the pain would be to go back and never meet them in the first place, therefore saving yourself. Keep killing it, girl! We can’t wait to see what’s next for Drew Skye, future star.

Listen to "Saved" here and get to know more about Drew Skye below!

Hi Drew! It's great to chat with you.Tell us more about your diverse musical background?

As long as i can remember i wanted to be a singer since i was 4 years old. although i grew up fairly shy, the passion i had for music came to me naturally. I then started auditioning for Musicals and became part of a Dance Team. I always wanted to sing or dance, because that to me was my childhood. I also grew up around drummers and Musicians the first half of my childhood that pretty much sparked a fire in me at a young age. Later on in my life i learned that on my fathers side of the family everyone can either sing or play an instrument.

Who are your top three inspirations that have helped shape your career in the music industry?

Prince would have to be my number one inspiration, he always mesmerized me, not only by his talent but just who he was as a human being. He always seemed so sure of himself, and inspired me to want to learn multiple instruments like him as well. Sade would have to be another important inspiration to me, my mother would always play her cassette tape in the car when i was younger and during that time there was a lot going on, so Sade was a big part of my life that really helped heal me from the world around me. Last but not least, Britney Spears. whenever she is on stage you cant take your eyes off of her, not to mention most of her music videos are iconic.

What drove you to write “Saved”?

I wrote SAVED last year, during a time in my life that felt very confusing. It seemed liked i was in the middle of losing myself but also finding my true identity at the same time. I learned that in order for me to pick myself up, i needed too just fall completely. and in those moments you could lose the closest people to you, because they cant save you, and whatever damage that caused, it would be okay in the end because i am the only one who can save myself. It was that transitional phase in life i believe we all have to go through.

Can we expect an album anytime soon?

I am currently co-writing with my producer on several projects including my EP

that will be released by the end of 2019.

You have so much talent at such a young age, where do you think this came from?

Honestly, i believe the passion of Music came from within, Being shy and reserved as a young child, brought out this Artistic side of me that i needed to express somewhere.That's when I began writing in journals at age 6 (that i still have till this day) that drove me to want to put my thoughts and stories into songs, which then inspired me to want to learn how to play guitar, piano, drums, etc. 

What's next for you through 2019?

For 2019 i will be focused on finishing my EP, I have been writing for this project for the last two years, and i am super excited for when i can finally share a part of my heart with the world. I will also be performing at venues that i will be announcing on my Social Media very soon.


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