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Selfish Bodies Show Us True Colors Can Be A “Hideous” Sight

Canadian alt-pop-rock trio Selfish Bodies believes music is a universal language. Teaming up Juno nominated production architects Brandon Unis and Robbie Townsend to deliver their latest cinematic record, "Hideous," Selfish Bodies delves a bit further into the new era of music they're presently exploring.

Playing within a realm that explores familiar sounds from past decades, with fresh vibes of the 2020s, "Hideous" is a sonic venture worth exploring. A haunting element dwindles within the dramatic reverberations as Selfish Bodies embarks on a dark mission rich with anticipation.

Selfish Bodies excels at setting a flame to the composition of "Hideous" as vulnerability and suspense fuel the fire within our hearts. Through each lyric, we're met with a sense of realism and the horror that resides within one's soul as they show off their true colors.

Paired with the angelic harmonies that create a subtle yet in-depth dynamic, each musical element works with one another to profess this triumphant soundscape we instantly need more of.

The ominous foundation of the instrumentation cradles the poetic lyrics as the emotive timbres sing words that embed themselves into our minds. It's brilliant to hear how this alt-pop-rock trio takes a shine toward textured electronic components that ignite devoted keys, a powerful guitar solo, and an impactful beat drop.

Allowing each moment to creep in as it takes over the entire soundscape, the passion conveyed through this entrancing performance is rather monumental.

Listen to "Hideous" today on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Selfish Bodies! We adore the energy soaring through your latest release, "Hideous." What inspired this song's concept within the powerful performance you all put on?

Thank you for your kind words BuzzMusic! This song was inspired by the ugliness that exists inside all of us, in varying degrees, and the way it can affect ourselves and those around us. This concept is sad but also loud and violent in ways. This is reflected in the instrumentation, as the keys are fairly gentle, and the guitar solo at the end melts your face off.

What was it like working with Brandon Unis and Robbie Townsend to bring "Hideous" to life? Any memorable moments from the creative process you care to share?

Working with Brandon and Robbie is always a great experience. The Velveteen studio makes you feel like your precious little song will grow into an absolute titan!

What helps you to approach your lyrics with such a raw outlook? Do you find this therapeutic in your process?

A raw outlook is a product of a heart-on-your-sleeve attitude. In our case, anyways. We try to be as open and vulnerable as possible when writing, hoping that listeners can connect with the music on a deeper level. This process is very therapeutic.

Since branching out into this new sound, have you found any difference in your creative process? What does this new sound mean for Selfish Bodies as a collective?

There isn’t a huge difference in the creative process, as it’s kind of always been all over the place! Sometimes a song can start with a lyric, a melody in the noggin, or an instrumental part. The start can be different, but the building blocks from there are usually the same, as we all write our parts and jam until we like what we hear and feel. The new sound means that we can explore a bit more freely. Not that we were necessarily boxed in before, but the added electronic elements are so vast that our musical world has exploded with writing opportunity.

What's next for you?

We will be releasing at least five more songs in 2023 and will be working on an album release as well! That means lots of writing, which is the best. Along the way, we’ll enjoy the daily grind of pushing our songs out into the vast online world, playing shows and making friends, and engaging with awesome people like you! Thank you for the great questions and this opportunity!


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