SelfMadeSILU Becomes Sentimental With An RAW Delivery In “Mixed In My Thoughts”

Born in Albany Georgia, SelfMadeSILU has been through many layers of life in which has contributed to his musical career. SelfMadeSILU grew up musically inclined due to his family. Growing up, it was not uncommon for SelfMadeSILU to join in impromptu singing freestyles with his relatives. This music-based foundation he grew up in laid the foundation for him to create his own songs.

SelfMadeSILU released his single titled “Mixed In My Thoughts” and this thought-provoking hard-hitting single has a strong lyrical presence that will have you thinking about a lot. I love it when rappers give us a highly substantial message behind their songs. It makes them feel a bit more authentic and less fabricated than most. SelfMadeSILU lets his listener know who he is through a raw approach. SelfMadeSILU’s trendy flow accompanied the melodic beat that helped an emotionally convicted lyric feel more emphasized. The arrangement of “Mixed In My Thoughts” was interesting to me due to the interesting assets it was equipped with. Behind SelfMadeSILU’s passionate delivery, you hear a super cool autotune effect on his vocals, echoing the lyrics. This was a nice way to add detail and texture to “Mixed In My Thoughts” and we enjoyed the end result thoroughly. This panoramic record was a nice offering from a rising star with a lot to offer.

Check out "Mixed In My Thoughts" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey SelfMadeSILU! You have a pretty cool artist name. What’s the story behind it? What made you represent yourself with this stage name?

This name is originally from the respect and love from my mother for raising me and my oldest brother, and two oldest sisters. Working 2-3 jobs making sure we had food in our mouths, clothes on our back.. you know the usual motherly sympathy that a dedicated mother has. What really grew me more attached to her was making a mistake and catching her crying as well as seeing her starve herself for days to see us eat. As an adolescence, that’s hard to take in, but even though I was ignorant to the understanding of it, I felt the energy she put off and that made me as a child go hug her and tell her I love her as much as I can. My original name was “S.I.L..U.” which stands for (S)tephanie (I) (L)ove (U) and that is my mother’s first name. I've decided in life that I will dedicate all my accomplishments, success, and goals to her for her suffering of raising me.

In what ways has your background and upbringing essentially impacted your artistry today?

My background of living in poverty and growing up in Albany, Ga has everything to do with my artistry. Also my experience in the military has a lot to do with it as well. Being in the military built my confidence, my voice, and enhanced my ability to lead, make decisions under pressure, and also my integrity, discipline, consistency, respect, and work ethic. I’ve been to multiple combat zones and had to defend myself and the people around me. 

“SelfMade” came from me doing things on my own like making sacrifices, making my own money, achieving my own goals, and failing numerous times before I get it right.

Who are some of your musical influences SelfMadeSILU?

Derez Deshon, Slim Dunkin, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Bryson Tiller, Kwony Cash, Coach K, QC Ceo Pierre Thomas, Birdman, Drake, Plies, Rick Ross, and Peewee Longway.

Each person has different influences on music in their own way. Usually managers and CEOs are my musical influences because Ive always idolized the hard work put behind the music.

Lyrically Lil Wayne. Melodically Derez Deshon and Kwony Cash. Deliverance wise Slim Dunkin, which passed back in 2012.

Let’s talk about “Mixed In My Thoughts”. What was the message behind the lyrics? They felt deep!

Mixed in My Thought was written because at the time I was just thinking.. which is a usual for me.. that man something’s not right. I’m doing everything I possible can to have a better in result for my business credentials. 

1st Verse, I wanted to give a summary of what the song is about. I talked about my paranoia with that’s close to me, trust issues, getting caught up by my girlfriend, and  my depression with life and failing so much in the pass couple months but I also like to optimize my verses after talking about my lively pain. Through all of this, I still find a way to have atleast and inch of success. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress and represent and promote the aware of mental health.

My music will always be original and have you like “Damn” and want to replay it. I will stay original and show my diversity. I can make music about anything.

What’s next for you SelfMadeSILU?

I release 1-2 songs every month. 

My next move is to blow up and establish myself as legendary.

I want all the talk shows such as the breakfast club, envy’s show, Adam22’s show, DjayGhost, Sway in the morning, and my favorite show Everyday Struggle to give me recognition and notice the potential of my music and me as a person. I want to act really really bad. Own my own label, real estate, multiple businesses. I want to employ my family and friends so they won’t have to ask me for handouts.

I want to get on billboard and stay there forever 

I want to be financially free.


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