SEMAJ THE POET Drops His Groovy and Poetic Album 'B.K.S.'

The Bay Area’s best kept secret SEMAJ THE POET releases his incredibly rhythmic album 'B.K.S.'.

Creating ten tracks that move all kinds of audiences and doesn’t pertain to one specific genre, SEMAJ THE POET has worked long hours to blend the likes of hip-hop, R&B, funk, and alternative for his latest feel-good album 'B.K.S.'

Opening the album with the intro track “Hola Majesty Intro”, SEMAJ THE POET goes in with more of a spoken-word piece and displays his sweet and smooth poetic side. Preaching his tedious journey amongst his artistic experience, fighting for equality and justice, and putting his dreams to fruition. Using many in-depth analogies to portray his deep-running emotions towards his powerful industry experience, SEMAJ THE POET truly started off his album with authenticity and strength.

Moving into the next track “Like That”, we’re met with an upbeat pop style beat that meets the likes of atmospheric alternative through groovy instrumentals. A very funky song that highlights having a good time and not caring what others think, SEMAJ THE POET goes in with passion towards someone he has his eyes set on and continues to wow us through his fun-loving approach. The instrumentals are somewhat nostalgic to the early 2000’s, giving us ambient percussion patterns, funky electric guitar strums, and the track’s overall warm atmosphere.

Starting off the next track with a warm and groovy bassline, “Loveline” brigs in another fun-loving track with SEMAJ THE POET’s heavy passion towards someone who’s sparked his interest. The instrumentals maintain very upbeat and smooth with this amazing blend of instrumentals through what sounds to be Bruno Mars meets Daft Punk. A perfect blend between electronic production and real-time instrumentals, SEMAJ THE POET really goes in with pure passion on this track and heightens the energy the maximum.

Slowing it down with “Up”, so far SEMAJ THE POET has tied in amazing vibes with each individual track and this one is no exception. Giving us a prime 2016 summer feel with vibrant piano playing moving into a funky R&B/alt-pop beat. Singing about making love with someone and wanting to feel a true expression of passion, SEMAJ THE POET fires through this track with incredibly sweet lyricism and has not disappointed us yet by providing these fiery and groovy instrumentals. A song about making someone’s life easier by providing them all the love they need, SEMAJ THE POET has definitely impressed us by this point.

Kicking off the next song “Cry Baby” with sweet child-like bedtime music, SEMAJ THE POET quickly moves into a modern and upbeat vibe through harmonic synths, foot-tapping bass lines and the overall striking element of the underlying rhythm.

SEMAJ THE POET rides the beat on this song so smoothly and with incredible talent while singing lyrics of someone who’s worked hard but shouldn’t stop now when times get tough. An inspirational song that lets us continue to strive for what we believe in and long for.

The sweet sound of the next song is giving us “Cavities” through the rhythmic instrumentation that takes us back to the days of funk and dance. SEMAJ THE POET sings passionate lyrics of imagining what someone’s lips taste like, highlighting the ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’ motto where he’s left with “Cavities” after. So far, each individual track has exploded with rhythm and a different kind of funky sound, especially with this smooth and warm track SEMAJ THE POET has perfectly emphasized the heartfelt emotions we feel when being infatuated with a new person. It’s quite ironic that we’ve categorized SEMAJ THE POET’s music as ‘feel good’, when his next track highlights exactly this statement. “Feel Good” starts with soft piano melodies and a soft filtered vocal of SEMAJ THE POET saying that all he wants to do is create feel good music.

Bumping into the beat and tying in the jumpy and bouncy energy similar to Bruno Mars, yet uniquely making the sound his own by riding the beat on his own rhythm and flowing with perfection. A thankful and intoxicating track through SEMAJ THE POET’s lyrics full of blessings and the hi-fi beat that chases us all the way to the outro. We’ve mentioned that the instrumentals on this album have drawn similar to the likes and vibrance of Daft Punk, especially with the instrumentals on the next track “French Kiss”.

Kicking off the funky rhythm that gradually grows to a broad and clear sound, SEMAJ THE POET jumps in with confidence as he explains that it may come off this way, but once he’s around a specific person he can’t help but feel those butterflies flap their wings deep inside. SEMAJ THE POET has impeccable talent when it comes to lyrically portraying his emotions, and not to mention rounding out each piece with incredibly funky instrumentals that belt out energy.

Taking his approach down a notch with the mid-tempo and transcendent track “Butterflies”, what automatically stood out was the impressive instrumental switch up where SEMAJ THE POET adds more of a softer R&B vibe similar to Majid Jordan. Around the hook, we’re met with these beautiful harmonies set out by SEMAJ THE POET and his sweet vocals. Tying in that same nervous message of being around someone who instantly gives you “Butterflies”, SEMAJ THE POET has done an incredible job portraying each and every emotion we feel in a relationship throughout the entire album.

Ending off the album through more of an introspective tone with “Obsidian Phoenix Poem”, a soft piano melody accompanied by celestial strings make up the track’s instrumental. Right from the jump, SEMAJ THE POET’s heartfelt words genuinely move mountains, as he spills his heart out and explains that he could fall in love with this person over and over again. Praising not only her angelic looks but her intellectual and sublime mind that gets overlooked by her appearance, SEMAJ THE POET uses the perfect words to portray his limitless emotions towards this person. Truly a piece that rains down from above, it serves as the perfect outro track for the album.

All in all, SEMAJ THE POET’s dynamic album “B.K.S.” stands out from any project we’ve heard before. Not only through each groovy instrumental, but with SEMAJ THE POETs authentic and talented lyricism. It would be a shame to let this album go unnoticed.

Discover "B.K.S." here.

Hey SEMAJ THE POET, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re getting down with every single song on your groovy album “B.K.S.”. What sort of theme and vibe were you going for when creating the album?  

My mom just passed away last year and honestly, I just wanted something she would dance too. My mom was a hustler who loved groovy basslines and I wanted to convey that throughout the album we have soo much negative music in this world already I realized my purpose is to make music people can forget there troubles and worries at least for a little while and just be in the moment. Which is why I make "FEEL GOOD MUSIC."

Throughout your album “B.K.S.”, SEMAJ THE POET goes in with these funky instrumentals that make our feet tap. Why did you want to incorporate this energetic and danceable sound, rather than a variety of different hip-hop beats?

I wanted something I could see my mother grooving too. Also, I want something EVERYONE can enjoy from the black, white, young, and old; I've seen mothers dancing with their children, next to college girls all vibing to the same song and it's an incredible thing.

When I write music I think about how it makes me feel when I hear something I like to close my eyes and say "would I dance to this" and I don't mean dance as in "look cool" I mean does it make me move undeniably. I love looking out in a crowd and seeing EVERYONE's face light up and start dancing I have seen everything from the oldest to the youngest start moving when I start to perform. The music and energy move through me and I want the people to feel what I am feeling which is why I dance on stage it's not choreographed it's what I'm feeling at the time. And so much music sounds the SAME nowadays I want to be me. And I won't make music that I don't like. I was made to make "Feel Good Music"

Seeing as SEMAJ THE POET tied in two spoken word poems as the intro and outro tracks for your album “B.K.S.”, what significance did these two pieces add to the project? Why did you want to add in this talent of yours on the album?

I started off playing piano and writing poetry. I never want to forget where I came from.  Poetry also is who I am. Words are such a powerful tool. The right words in the right order can change lives.

SEMAJ THE POET provides ten different and dynamic tracks on your album “B.K.S.”. Which track is your personal favorite on the album, and do you have one song in particular that you feel has the most potential?

I love them all but if I were to pick a personal favorite I'd say "Like that" because I LOVE THAT MUSIC VIDEO! You can't go wrong with an all-female band with a funky baseline! As far as the most potential I pay attention to what people like and the front runner since the EP dropped seems to be a tie between "UP"  and "Like that"  up is soo groovy and it comes in swinging 

What's next for you?

Right now, I am all about that feel-good vibe. While some may find it hard to believe that I am still 100% independent, I am enjoying every moment. My team and I live by the motto: Manifest and then put in the work. So I am manifesting that I will be touring with Anderson Pac and Bruno Mars and we are going to work hard to make it happen. I am dropping a new project called "The Blue Door"  on September 1st. I am staying with the Feel Good sound that I am cultivating with my music. In that same vein, we are building The Feel Good Music Movement, where we will be doing all we can to bring back the joy and happiness that we are losing during these current social and economic times. 

We are also launching our lifestyle/travel vlog to assist us in putting out those positive vibes into the world. I also do a short  "Maj Motivational" session on my IG lives every Monday. Just to help people who are stuck in life   my purpose is to help others that's what I have found. My goal is to spread positivity and light. I am staying busy and relentless, and I love every minute of it!