Senerio Baptiste Releases "Echelon Black"

Haitan-American artist Senerio Baptiste hails from Miami Beach. Living sonically, Senerio Baptiste is all about expressing his inner vitality, and this will appear quite true in his recent works.

We get a level of realness with Senerio Baptiste, as he's already been through an artist-rebrand once realizing his sound wasn't living up to its true potential. Now, Senerio Baptiste uses his music as a way to express himself truly, and the product is absolutely stunning. 

Senerio Baptiste is all about delivering eclectic productions with progressively important storylines. He further showcases this ability of his artistry in his latest single, "Echelon Black". "Echelon Black" is the type of track that you might listen to and find yourself thinking you've never heard anything quite like it. And honestly, that's what completely draws us in and compels us toward the buzzing energy Senerio emulates.

"Echelon Black" proves that Senerio Baptiste is able to synthesize grand musical productions, and it might be difficult to see where he draws inspiration from. Listening closely, you might realize that "Echelon Black" is inspired by various of glam-rock aesthetics, as well as elements similar to island music and deep house productions. Put that all together and the ultimate product tends to be the pinnacle of eccentric.

"Echelon Black" attracted our attention from start to finish. We wouldn't have been able to stop the track if we wanted to because of how authentically intriguing Senerio Baptiste makes his artistic offerings. All in all, you can bet that "Echelon Black" has been added to our playlists, and Senerio Baptiste will definitely be an artist we continue to check in on.

Discover the unique stylings of Sneerio Baptiste in "Echelon Black" here


Hello, Senerio Baptiste! Welcome, and congratulations on the release of "Echelon Black". As a single that inspired you to unleash your expressive self, can you delve into the thought process that went behind the creation of this song?

When I write any song, I usually sit with a beat and let the creativity flow. I talk to people, skim through some books, watch movies and allow the lyrics to organically come to me. That may take a few minutes, an hour, a day, a year, or two. It varies by song, but that's pretty much the premise of how I create. The thought process for this song was "I have a new found love for my skin and sexual orientation. I have to reclaim the time I've lost hating myself for it" I was angry, vengeful, overwhelmed, sad, optimistic, drowning. But one thing is for certain, I knew I wanted to do it for my black queer folks.

There's no doubt that "Echelon Black" surfaces many eclectic stylings, which ultimately makes your music as unique as it is. What inspired this level of collaboration regarding various genres? Where do you feel you extracted this attraction to eccentric music stylings?

I took inspiration from "Fierce" by Azealia Banks, ASAP Fergs verse in "Work (Remix)", Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, "I Don't Like That Bitch" by Dramatics.

"Echelon Black" had a prominent and empowering feel to it. Are you able to describe to our readers the kind of mental headspace you were in writing this single?

Once you listen to more of my music, you'll find that my head tends to drift a lot. Just constantly wandering off into a bunch of thoughts. That being said, Echelon Black is a clusterfuck of many ideas that have come to mind throughout the past 4 years. The mindset I had for this song was like a phoenix rising from the dust and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' dinozord coming out of a volcano to fight a giant villain. or like Kennedy Davenports "burning in a fire but was crystallized and came out a glamazon bitch ready for the runway" energy.

Do you feel that your future music will fall more in line with tracks such as "Echelon Black", or do you find that your artistic vision is consistently changing?

It's a mixture of both. The girls have been going hard for this song. I performed Echelon Black for two years before releasing it. The reactions have inspired me to make more high energy music like it though it may not be on the same subject of racial injustice and queerness.

What can fans anticipate next from you, Senerio Baptiste?

A new EP called Godmother.