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Senior Gee And TrekDaClassick "Wake Up"

Raised in one of the roughest areas of Queens, Southside Jamaica, Senior Gee has what you would call a familiar yet different story to him.

At age 9, Senior Gee realized that he was musically inclined when he listened, then mimicked the movie "Big" theme on his mother's butterfly baby grand piano. Soon after, he noticed that he was lyrically gifted after an embarrassing moment, which took place in his 4th-grade classroom.

As Mike D from the group Main Source took Senior Gee under his wing to mentor him, his role in Senior Gee's life has a lot to do with the development of his talent. Mike D's most important lesson taught him lessons about the industry was the fundamental basics of being an authentic emcee.

Teaming up with TrekDaClassick on the release of Senior Gee's latest single, "Wake Up," we get to fall into the intoxicating realm of hip-hop teetering between old-school familiarity and new wave flair. As each lyrical motif gets performed with a pang of hunger in the tonal distinction that Senior Gee embodies, we hear just how important his uniqueness and nostalgia are to his artistry's branding.

There's a brilliant awakening that comes from "Wake up." The inimitable swagger of Senior Gee propels his boisterous persona and attention to detail in a newfound light. Each emcee approaches the track with dynamic energy that coincides with the other, all while having us tap into the spectrum of one-of-a-kind flair that each conveys. Hearing these two get on a track together and elevate their lyrical dexterity is a treat in itself.

We're left feeling like we never left the days where articulation was a prominent part of hip-hop. With lyrical motifs such as 'Earth ain't flat. Well, here's a masterclass. And who I be, Senior Gee. So no, chit chat,' etching themselves into your mind, we're happy to have discovered the sonic throwback in the form of "Wake Up."

What was it like working with Trek to produce your vision?

Trek is a talented individual that's willing to be mentored, this was his first vocal performance that was intended to be completely profanity-free. How did this collaboration come to be?

Well, Honestly, it originally was created for a podcast sync placement but, later it was then decided to make it a New Age Hip-Hop Record & Trek was asked to be a feature.

What is the significance behind "Wake Up"? We were both born in the year of the rooster and what do roosters do?

They wake folks up (all pun intended).

What does this song mean to you as the creator?

I'm just grateful that more of New Age Hip-Hop is being recognized & the folks that have been yearning for a change in music can finally have something refreshing to gravitate to without having to worry about children hearing all the cursing or promotion of self-destruction in the lyrics.

What musical and non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into the music you create?

Musically I always keep in mind the lessons from my mentors. Non-musically I make sure not to disappoint the energies that allow me to open my eyes each day.

How does it feel to have "Wake Up" released and out to the public?

It's a blessing I don't take for granted.

How has the feedback been? It's been all positive thus far, every radio or podcast interview I've done has all been well received.

What goal would you like to achieve this year with your music?

To continue to grow my village with supporters of New Age Hip-Hop and get more spins on stations registered with Digital Radio Tracker.


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