“Sensational” New Track From Austyn King Will Make You Get Up And Dance

Residing in Las Vegas, NV is talented singer/songwriter/ producer and multi instrumentalist Austyn King. His smooth motown flavored approach to R&B is what sets him apart in today’s music industry. Appealing to both young and old, Austyn versatility and creativity fuse to create perfect blends. Growing up in a musical family Austyn learned at an early age that music was his passion and quickly began taking up drums, violin, guitar, keyboards & most importantly his voice. As part of a religious family, Austyn knew his beliefs and feelings towards religion were different. Throughout his teen and young adult years, Austyn saw the musical landscape evolving & felt that it was best to be an independent artist. Over time, Austyn found not only his voice, but he found resilience in being an advocate for the LGBTQIA community as well as the non-religious community. 

Since releasing his critically acclaimed “Art, Music, Life; Vol. 1 & 2” EP’s, Austyn King continues to stand by his motto of being a socially conscious music artist that allows the music to speak with conviction. The third & final installment to the "ArtMusicLife, Vol. 3" will be a continuation of that & more. Featured on “Art, Music, Life; Vol. 2” is the heavily R&B ballad “Sensational”. An empowering anthem that will make you get and move, “Sensational” boasts old school R&B elements fused with a contemporary new wave sound to create a sound that authentically is Austyn King. His expert vocalism flows freely while he weaves through the catchy hook and flawless verses. Austyn’s vocals have sultry blues undertones layered with confidence and original swagger. “Sensational” is a song that anyone can vibe along to at any occasion. I highly recommend you check it out!

Listen to “Sensational” here and read more with Austyn King below!

Hey Austyn! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What made you start taking your music career more seriously?

I started taking my music career more seriously at the age of 12 when I saw how the lyrics/melodies/productions that I created weren't just my favorite past time. I saw how the artists I looked up too impacted me & I desired to be that to anyone who listened to what I was creating. Whether it was watching Janet Jackson on HBO for the first time during her "Velvet Rope Tour" era or it was seeing B.Slade on the Stellar Awards making his first debut televised performance, I just knew I desired to be like those individuals.

How do you think your upbringing affects the music you create?

My upbringing has a big space in how I create the music. I started sequencing/making my music productions on a Roland JV-35 keyboard/Roland DR-770 drum machine thru midi connection to a computer program called "Master Tracks Pro 6". The discipline I learned from using those tools & resources are essential in my creative process. And just being around talented people in Rochester, NY always had so much influence in how I write, how/what I sing or produce. The R&B music that was being created and curated when I was in high school just helped you escape from reality. So I do my best to evoke those emotions thru the music I create. My upbringing also has given me so much insight on what needs to be said and heard. I have a song on "ArtMusicLife, Vol. 2" called "LoveMe" which talks about that specifically and how I literally was told what I can be, who I can be and who I should listen too. So when I create my music, my desire is to help whoever hears me to be inspired and not dictate what/how you should feel or who you should be.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your track “Sensational”?

I remember writing & producing this song. The melody line I interpolated was from "Dr. Dre" & of course he also sampled George Clinton.

"Let Me Ride"'s chorus involves both a sample and an interpolation of the chorus of the 1976 Parliament song "Mothership Connection (Star Child)", which itself quotes the Negro spiritual "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". "Let Me Ride" also samples James Brown's "Funky Drummer" and Bill Withers's 1973 single "Kissing My Love"."

Those songs, the artists & producers affected me & my sound growing up directly & indirectly. So I thought about the significance of how music should feel & I desired that anyone who heard this song "Sensational" felt that same way I felt creating it whether they are riding with the top down, in the club or in a bathtub. I just want everyone to feel & see themselves as I see them, and that's "Sensational".

What’s your writing process look like? What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

My writing process is all over the place to be honest. I could be out shopping or going to get groceries. The inspiration literally could come from being romantic, buying some strawberries & whip cream for the one I love, and then boom a song is born. I let the experience of life & art speak to me so that when the people hear it, they know I took time to let it speak to me before I prepare & serve them with what has awakened my creativity. The biggest challenges I face as a songwriter is finding the healthy balance to write the songs and lyrics that don't have to be too deep. Sometimes life just isn't that deep and sometimes it is, It can literally be just taking your words and turning them into "Roses" (that's how I got the song "Roses In Words"). Meditation has been my saving grace when it comes to overcoming the common writers block we sometimes have.

What can we expect from “Art, Music, Life; Vol. 3”?

Volume 3 of "ArtMusicLife" is a continuation and conclusion. It's in your face. The production and the writing are directly intentionally created to be in your face. Each song has a theme of "reclamation". Volume 1 was about making a declaration. Volume 2 was about making affirmations. Volume 3 is all about the desire to get back to what I know I am and have always been as a songwriter, a producer but most importantly a human being. I went through some shit creating "ArtMusicLife, Vol. 3" as you will hear on "Can't Let Go" & "Dedicated (NoneOfMyBusiness)". So this last chapter in the "ArtMusicLife" series is a definitely all about real life stories, heart felt melodies & artistic expressions to inspire the masses one song at a time.


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