Sense7th Hits BuzzMusic With Fresh New Song “M7re”

Sense7th released a fresh single that will curate the most poignant vibe unimaginable. The release of “M7re” was a flawless display of individuality with a stratospheric vibe that elevates you into new heights and allows your emotions to roam freely. “M7re” was unique in every way possible. The vocal delivery was more relaxed while managing to be breathtaking with light harmonies soaring throughout. The lyrics were complex and poetic. Most songwriters write surface singles that are easy to interpret. However, Sense7th plays with layers, creating a dimensional lyrical arrangement.

“M7re” is the kind of song that we can peacefully listen to while managing to accomplish a task that requires great focus. The production of the beat showcased light lo-fi and subdued elements which helped the aesthetic become more soothing and polished. Despite the mellow arrangement, the energy in “M7re” was still contagious enough to keep us attentive to the music. The entire aura of “M7re” was addictive and intoxicating, generating a strong connection with both the listener and the song. Sense7th composes a spectacular musical experience that’s invigorating enough to naturally invite yourself into the song and become lost with the sensations.

Listen to “M7re” by Sense7th here.