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Senses Bring Us a Fresh New Punk Anthem “The Comedown”

Los Angeles based band Senses has released their debut single called “The Comedown”. This track is punk/pop with a killer dance vibe! “The Comedown” is the perfect song to rock out to during hard times. If you’ve ever been in the position where you have let yourself love only to end up brokenhearted you will have no trouble relating to the track. Senses bring nostalgia to their music by producing similar musical sensations to Paramore in their punk era. The band’s lead singer Madison rocks the vocals with edgy and thought-provoking lyrics. Her voice is powerful and dynamic, which fits well with the tone of the song.

The song brings some attention to self-destructive behavior. Senses highlight the inner struggle of seeking bad moments (The Comedown) during good times. Instrumentally, guitarist Josh Bissel embodies the punk genre with unique melodies and strong cords during the lively chorus. Drummer Nick Sampson ensures that the beat never lets down, pounding especially during the chorus. The combination of the artists’ diverse talent is what makes this band something to look out for.

Senses are set to release more songs in 2020! “The Comedown” is only the beginning of what should be a thrilling journey and we can't wait to see what's next.

Listen to "The Comedown" here.



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