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Serene Creates a Timeless Musical Journey with “All This Time”

R&B and Pop sensation Serene gives listeners a taste of her heartfelt new single, “All This Time.” This multi-talented artist was born and raised in the ever-expanding suburb of Dallas, Texas. Serene has always been fascinated with the way music acts as an international language that brings people together.

As a gifted singer, songwriter, and producer, she fuses Pop and R&B to give her unique flair to the genres at hand. Serene is hoping to move people with her latest single, “All This Time,” and touch them not only in an auditory way but to make them feel something more.

“All This Time” oozes with striking 90s R&B elements while dabbling in a Contemporary R&B pool, exposing some light Pop elements as the record chimes on. The soothing sounds of the instrumentation blend effortlessly with the performance Serene dives into. The delicate yet powerful vocalization of Serene’s well-crafted lyrics brings light to a wistful story of acceptance. The exquisite elements of a relationship growing with time to come to realize that you are accepting and accepted by that special person.

Serene has found a way to treat the music she creates as a sonic canvas through her burning passion for reaching people on an emotional level. “All This Time” takes you on an audible voyage through each melody she sheds with the heavenly reverberations in her presence. The down-tempo components make you sway from side to side as Serene establishes a name for herself as an R&B and Pop hybrid. With an essence that only a few can convey, Serene is one to watch as she makes her way up in the music industry.

Congratulations on the release and success of your debut single, “All This Time.” With a beautiful message in this record, what does this single mean to you?

Before I wrote this song, my view of relationships was pretty bleak. I had been having nightmares about my past and it took someone reaching out, taking care of me, and providing me with the comfort and strength to pick myself back up to keep going. I felt like I was finally able to let go and recognize my worth.

Could you take us into what the creative process looked like for, “All This Time?"

The idea for this song came to me while I was daydreaming in the shower. When I got out, I just sat on the floor in my closet, opened up my notes app, and started typing away at the lyrics. I was so excited to get all my ideas down on paper, and yet I didn’t finish it that night. About two weeks later, I was going through my notes and was like “omg I never finished this!” So I sat down and did just that. After that came the production. Everything came to me super easily on that end, but I ended up sitting on the song for months even though the beat was done. When I finally started recording the vocals, I actually decided to go in a completely different direction for the beat! I scraped the entire thing and started again from scratch, adding more of a sultry vibe to it.

With such soothing elements exposed, how important is it for you to write about real-life experiences?

I don’t think I necessarily need to always write about real-life experiences because I do like to make up stories every once in a while. However, this song was so much easier to write lyrically because it came from my own life.

What would you like listeners to take away from, “All This Time”?

Surround yourself with people that lift you up and really listen to you. Don’t allow people who drain your energy to occupy your mind.

What has been your biggest inspiration while creating new music this year?

This year has been filled with a ton of ups and downs, but the pandemic has really allowed me to spend more time with myself and hone in on my craft. Once the lockdown started, I told myself that with all the new spare time that I had, I had no excuse to not grow in terms of my music. I wanted to make sure that my time was well spent, and by doing this, I’ve fallen in love with creating music even more than before.



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