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Serenity Joi Flows Effortlessly As She Introduces Her Debut Single, “D’USSE”

Serenity Joi brings back memories as she blends flawlessly with the R&B vibes to show off her first single, "D'USSE".

Born in Chicago and raised in Nashville but now resides in Atlanta, Renny J, better known by her stage name Serenity Joi, dances through genres like R&B, trap soul, and hip-hop, including lyrics and flows that assist her in making the record better. Serenity began singing at age 5 with her musical family, pushing her to chase her dreams. She had many influences like Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, and Sade, which assisted her in becoming the perfect R&B artist she was meant to be.

D'USSE" is a track that breathes a classic 90s R&B record that helps create the perfect memories to hold onto. Serenity Joi feeds us her unique melodious flows and the most subtle instrumental accompanying them.

Introducing "D'USSE," Serenity Joi has us intrigued as the instrumental as her voice enters with a unique edit as she sings about a good time and how she loves doing things her way. In lines like, "Money on mind...Ima grind till I shine," we see Serenity Joi's drive and ambition for the life she wants to live. Regarding her future goals, she wants to pull up to an NBA game courtside and feel alive and romantic with him.

The addictive and hypnotic melodies and lyrics from the superstar bring this record to life in the most fruitful and flavourful way. She sings about her love for the fast life and the adrenaline she gets from living that life, making her feel alive and as free as can be. We all know some 'self-care', and a night out with the gang is always needed. The record is a perfect soundtrack for your night out with the crew, "Sipping on this D'usse...Ima do it my way."

Make sure you support the flavourful and ambient sounds from Serenity Joi in her latest release, "D'USSE," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Serenity. We admire the refreshing and playful attitude you've brought with your recent single, "D'USSE". What inspired this breezy track? One day, I was in the bathroom, and my producer E2 was in the living room playing a beat, and out of nowhere, I was like, Sippin on this dusse don’t give af what you say. It definitely was inspired by jay z, one of my favorite rappers.

What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience with "D'USSE?" What do you hope the single does for them? My goal was to make people feel free and happy. It’s a fun record, and it’s about being yourself and going against the odds and living your best life. I hope it inspires people to live in their truth and never care what anyone thinks about that.

What was your songwriting process like for "D'USSE?" Was this a challenging process, or did your words flow with ease?

It definitely came with ease once I heard the beat. The words flowed like a river most of the time, my writing process is like this; I really have to feel it.

Did you have any musical influences in mind when creating "D'USSE?" Did you want listeners to be reminded of any other artists when hearing the tune?

Yes, Jay Z and Beyoncé are my favorite couple, and they stand for everything I sing about in the record. It’s definitely a vibe inspired by them, and you know I had to throw that old-school juicy in there for nostalgia.

What's next for you?

I have a lot of dope records with different vibes. My next vibe I’m putting out there is straight R&B. My first love Is rhythm and blues, so I have to represent right, and my next single is just that.


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