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Set The Sun Chases “The Truth” In Their Latest Single

Set the Sun is an electronic metal ensemble making its mark in the music industry through a dynamic sound that combines elements of progressive rock, metalcore, nu-metal, and industrial genres.

Headed by the mysterious duo Arc and Eris, who is responsible for writing, recording, and producing their material, Set the Sun collaborates with a group called "The Collective” during their music composition.

This group includes names such as Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) & Michael Lessard (The Contortionist). Following their debut EP, "In Absentia," released in 2022, they have unveiled their latest single, "THE TRUTH," which features the talents of Clint Lowery and bass player Matt Mcjunkins.

"THE TRUTH," a precursor to their upcoming Debut LP "At War," is a song characterized by upbeat drums, electrifying guitar riffs, and soulful vocals. It delves into the experience of salvaging a failing relationship, highlighting the denial and self-deception often involved.

The song’s melodies mirror its emotional theme; The energetic instrumentation symbolizes the repeated efforts to mend a relationship, and the powerful vocals capture a feeling of lingering hope. The band skillfully uses the universal language of music to encourage listeners to confront and understand the truths within their relationships.

As with their previous work, "THE TRUTH" themes resonate with the band's mission: “To illuminate, to awaken, to hail change and persevere.” This song strongly represents their mantra "To Set the Sun," which symbolizes hope amidst darkness. Through their music, Set the Sun aims to illuminate these unseen and often unspoken struggles through an authentic, passionate, and melodic lens.

“THE TRUTH” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Set the Sun, and congratulations on your latest release, "The Truth." Can you take us through the process of creating "The Truth?"

While writing our debut album, we wanted to collaborate with artists and songwriters who admired and inspired us. Clint Lowery was first on our list. Clint started jamming the intro riff as soon as we sat down, and we automatically loved it. The rest of the song came together really quickly, and we tracked the demo the same day. Clint’s creative process and melody instincts have always meshed well with ours, which is probably why we’ve written so many songs we love together.

How did the creation of "The Truth" differentiate from the creation of your previous tracks?

The main difference was working with Clint. Every songwriter has their methods and styles, and Clint’s style meshes well with ours. The approach to collaborating with him starts with hunting for the best groove/Melodies first. Then we track something that we can hum top-line ideas to. Once those vocal ideas are down, we step back and work on lyrics.

What have been the greatest influences on your music?

Influences range from other inspiring songs and artists to real-life experiences and conflicts we’ve dealt with or are currently struggling with.

Is there a specific setting or environment that fuels your creativity when composing music?

The environment is really important to us. It helps set the mood. A calm vibe helps - along with dark and moody lighting, also helps us get into the zone. But we’ve also had great experiences writing on Zoom and rooftops with epic views.

Aside from your upcoming LP, what’s next for Set the Sun?

We plan to continue growing our online audience. We plan to take the music live once we feel the time is right. Stay tuned!


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