Seth Ford's Sentimental Reminisce Shines Through on "The Road"

Seth Ford is the Hollywood actor turned soft-crooning songster based in Los Angeles that swells over his acoustic guitar with an enamoring glow. He's been known to captivate with his relatable lyrics and blithe hued sonics, and with his latest release titled "The Road," the young-budding artist sways over a ballad of his softly strummed guitar, a decedent piano accompaniment, and the distant swells of orchestrated strings.

Imagine what it feels like to be serenaded by the infatuating saturation of someone who is oozing with sentimental reminiscence. That's what you get on "The Road." It's a Springsteen-vibed excursion through a harmonious melody that builds on top of each new acquainted earthy sonic tone, whether from our singer's subtle rasp, the dynamic movements of the strings in the backdrops of the mix, or the vintage-sounding drums.

Seth Ford sings with the uprise of someone who's accepted that they still haven't found what they're looking for. As his tale develops and stews over his productions slow-paced wager, it's incredibly hard not to get the top-line melody stuck our heads as we bend and wave smoothly over the comforting sounds found in Seth Ford's "The Road."

Hello Seth, thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic, it's a pleasure. Can you tell us what sparked your hunger for the spotlight at an early age when you were still growing up in your grandparent's home in Delaware?