Seth Ford's Sentimental Reminisce Shines Through on "The Road"

Seth Ford is the Hollywood actor turned soft-crooning songster based in Los Angeles that swells over his acoustic guitar with an enamoring glow. He's been known to captivate with his relatable lyrics and blithe hued sonics, and with his latest release titled "The Road," the young-budding artist sways over a ballad of his softly strummed guitar, a decedent piano accompaniment, and the distant swells of orchestrated strings.

Imagine what it feels like to be serenaded by the infatuating saturation of someone who is oozing with sentimental reminiscence. That's what you get on "The Road." It's a Springsteen-vibed excursion through a harmonious melody that builds on top of each new acquainted earthy sonic tone, whether from our singer's subtle rasp, the dynamic movements of the strings in the backdrops of the mix, or the vintage-sounding drums.

Seth Ford sings with the uprise of someone who's accepted that they still haven't found what they're looking for. As his tale develops and stews over his productions slow-paced wager, it's incredibly hard not to get the top-line melody stuck our heads as we bend and wave smoothly over the comforting sounds found in Seth Ford's "The Road."

Hello Seth, thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic, it's a pleasure. Can you tell us what sparked your hunger for the spotlight at an early age when you were still growing up in your grandparent's home in Delaware?

Well, as long as I can remember, I used to always act out and 'perform' for my family. From lip singing old standards or rocking out to whatever music or song I was into at the time. But I would also act out alongside movies! I'd pick a character I loved, find whatever clothing I could find to look like them, and act out the whole movie with costume changes and all. I was something else as a kid. But it was always in me to perform. And gratefully, my family was always supportive. 

Can you think of any specific influencers who might have driven your infatuation?

Oh, there are plenty. The Beatles were huge. They were the ones who made me seriously pick up instruments and learn how to play. But Springsteen was my messiah. When I fell into his music, it changed me profoundly. His sound, production, and songwriting made me get insanely serious about my craft. But there were plenty of other young influences: Meat Loaf, The Eagles, Bob Segar, Journey, Elvis, Kip Moore. Even Andrew Lloyd Webber influenced me

Why do you believe Theatre and Acting took hold of your immediate career path before Music did, and if you could go back in time, would you have made a different move related to that outcome? 

I wouldn't change anything. Both have always been interconnected to me. It was simply about entertaining and performing. That's what I loved and felt at home doing. In both music and acting, you're channeling something. Some emotion, character, or moment. You're escaping this world into something else. And if you're lucky enough, you're able to take the audience with you. It's an extremely magical thing. That's what I loved and always will love to do.   

What's been the most enlightening experience surrounding your time spent in Nashville, and which studios were you hunkering down in while recording and expanding your production knowledge?

The business has been the, most enlightening! Especially in Nashville. It's a music factory there. That city breathes music 24/7. Hanging in these studios, it's no joke. These producers, engineers, and session players are churning out music at such a rapid and high-quality rate, it's absolutely amazing to witness. Spending some time around these places, you have to be a sponge to it all. Otherwise, you're robbing yourself of so much knowledge.    

If you could impart some words to, your audience on their journey through "The Road" to enhance their experience of the Music or concept of its anecdote, what would they be?

Well, It would be to simply take on the journey. Because I believe we are all on the run too, or, from something. To a better future, we imagine, or from a rocky past, we can't get far enough away from. But it's not about just reaching that destination. Because we never really reach it. It's the journey on the road that we find our trials and triumphs. Moments of bliss and of heartbreak. Defeats and victories. Love and loss. That's the good stuff. We all have them. Those experiences you take with you. And when you punch in your card and tally it all up, it's all that stuff you encountered on that winding road that gives your life its meaning.