Settle Your Mind, "TakeYourTime" With TheMindSettlers

TheMindSettlers comprises Simon Verreault, composer and synths & William D'Agostino, beats, samples, vox. The Montreal duo first met in the school of Sound & Music Production in 2015, while they were both producing electronica independently. From their first collaboration, there was instant chemistry; from there on out, they continued to evolve to offer their growing fanbase a unique experience artistically.

TheMindSettlers have done it again.

This time with their latest single, "TakeYourTime." With its tranquil beats and oscillating electronic flows, "TakeYourTime" takes ambiance to a spiritual level, defying the usual constraints of electronic production.

With half of the duo coming from an industrial background and the other hailing from the rave scene, TheMindSettlers merged two elements frequently found together in downtempo grooves and allowed them to come together in lush resonance.

Out on all streaming platforms, check TheMindSettlers out today.

Welcome To BuzzMusic, TheMindSettlers; thanks for taking the time to speak with us today

about your latest single, "TakeYourTime." What was the main source of inspiration for the song?

"TakeYourTime" is a special song; we started it back in the summer of 2016 after a bicycle ride around Montreal. We saw some surfers on the way near the Lachine Canal. That was unusual for us, so we started filming them. We then decided to make a summary type of

song based on that. The song took many years to finish as we added layers of sounds to make it feel right and complete.

The song is incredibly personal and emotive. Was it difficult to find this vibe?

It actually wasn’t. William found the base chords mimicking the flow of water and the main beat pretty fast with his Elektron machines. Then Simon gradually added layers of melodies over it, using Omnisphere, the soft synth mostly. The hardest part was the mixing of the song; that’s what took us a lot of time.

The production on the track is very atmospheric. Can you tell us a bit about the soundscape you were trying to create with the production?

We wanted the vibe of the song to evolve and create some sort of nostalgic feeling at the end. The main elements remain the same throughout the whole song, we just added delays or new sounds to get that evolving thing going.

"TakeYourTime" is a song with a lot of heart. What was the most rewarding part of creating this track?

Well, thank you! For us, it is the satisfaction of having a song that feels right, and that received the support and attention it deserved. It is our most successful release yet! We will keep that in mind with the new songs we create.

What's next for you?

We’re finishing our first Album! It is an 8-track album with similar vibes to "TakeyourTime," actually. It’s made of 2016 songs that we revamped with the new stuff we learned over the years. We hope it will sound as good as "Take Your Time." The album should

be out in the next 3 months!