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Seven Cities Dead Taps Josh Gilbert For Their Bone-Shaking New Release “Take This To My Grave”

A collaboration for the ages, a long time in the making.

Having come to embody the best of the worlds of classic and modern metalcore, Milwaukee-based outfit Seven Cities Dead has quickly established themselves as one of the brightest talents in the scene right now.

Having given listeners a tantalizing glimpse of the good things to come on their 2018 debut EP “Siren Songs of the Apocalypse,” they’ve since gone from strength to strength. Captivating audiences with their infectious energy with every release, the future of this band remains dizzyingly bright,

Aiming with their whole souls to make their mark in the world of metal, Seven Cities Dead plays with a passion and intensity not easily found in the scene today. They draw influence from legends like Trivium, Slipknot, and In Flames, creating an alluring sound uniquely theirs.

Utilizing dual guitar leads, heavy breakdowns, powerful vocals, empowering lyrics, and more, they’ve held audiences spellbound with every performance. Having shown no signs of complacency either, at this point, it’s no surprise that Seven Cities Dead continues to ascend to even greater artistic heights with each release.

The creation of Seven Cities Dead’s latest release, “Take This To My Grave,” is inspiring and heartwarming. Having penned the demo for the song back in 2021, Seven Cities Dead collaborated with As I Lay Dying’s Josh Gilbert for this release.

As longtime fans of As I Lay Dying and Gilbert himself, “Take This To My Grave” felt like a full circle moment, and although plans for an animated video fell through, “Take This To My Grave” was too good to go unreleased. Energetic, emotional, and powerful, any fans of metalcore will love this one.

Seven Cities Dead’s “Take This To My Grave” is an intense and powerful release that will rock you to your core. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Take This To My Grave” now on all majour streaming platforms.


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