Shake Up the Dance Floor with Dan Marsh’s “Lose Your Heart"

Dan Marsh is an artist who values what it means to have self-worth and checking up on Dan Marsh is an artist who values what it means to have self-worth and checking up on yourself to make sure that you are doing okay. Beginning his love for music at a young age, Dan Marsh has continuously been creating new sounds and finding new inspiration to release fresh and authentic music continuously.

Not allowing for a pandemic to slow him down, Dan Marsh has held support slots with Dan Crossley, WaveCityBay, Mikill Pane, Ruby Francis, and continues to take part in panels with both Selfridges and Record Union. Recently, Dan Marsh released an electrifying new song "Lose Your Heart," and it is the perfect tune to get up and dance your heart out.

"Lose Your Heart" takes in its uniquely minimalistic style, consisting of just a steady drumbeat that evolves in the chorus, a funky bass, sparse keyboards, jazzy guitars, and Dan Marshs' honest vocals, we couldn't help but feel as if we were dancing along on the dance floor with our partner. It has feelings of both love and breakup within the song - a little something for everyone to get behind and jam out to. We are loving everything about "Lose Your Heart" and cannot wait to hear what other musical directions Dan Marsh will be going in with future releases.

We are loving the minimalistic dancy/jazzy vibe you have going on in “Lose Your Heart”! Did you have any influences from other genres or styles that helped you come up with the final product?

Thank you so much! As far as influences from other genres, I’ve been spending more time listening to alternative music. Talents like Tame Impala and Toro y Moi and contemporary R&B acts like Childish Gambino have really influenced my latest track.

The songwriting on this one makes us feel like we’re loved and also like we’re missing something in our lives, what type of emotional impact do you have with this song? What does it mean to you?

Well with this song it’s a personal one. Those connections are real, and I’m so happy to know that other people also connect with the message. I lost a great bond with a woman who loved me. I was too selfish and ignored her actions in caring for me. I consumed myself with my work and when it was too late I saw what I lost. This song speaks to the man I was when this woman walked out of my life. She taught me a valuable lesson, and I’m now a better man for it. 

There are sparse elements of different styles within “Lose Your Heart”, which musical element was first to come to life? Is there a particular instrument you write on? What does your songwriting process look like?

Will Baker (From AudioHaus) and I started with the bass guitar. We allowed it to be the lifeline of the song. Everything else just fell into place. We wanted to keep the music simple and fresh to let listeners truly connect with the words. To be honest I started writing without instruments years ago. And I still prefer to do it now when I'm not writing or producing for someone else. The experience of true collaboration is a real high for me. I had written the chorus for ‘Lose Your Heart’ almost two years ago. It was just a melody that popped in my head one day. And as Will heard the melody and playing chords the lyrics just flowed. It was our first writing session and we Knocked the song out in about an hour and a half. We make a great team. 

Since moving to London from New York, how do you feel that move had impacted and influenced the music that you are creating today? Are there any other cities that you’d like to live in?

This was the biggest move in my life. But the best move to push me forward. Yes! My music career has improved so so much, but I’ve also learned so much more about myself. I’ve learned to share more with my fans. Particularly my journey with mental health and self-care. I’ve found so many allies here in the UK. I’m forever grateful. I haven’t really thought about living anywhere else since coming to London. It’s been great and I’m still learning the people and cultures here. London is my home and focuses right now. Though I will travel more as things get better in time with COVID. Big Thanks to the NHS and all the medical workers around the world fighting this terrible sickness. 

Do you have anything else cooking for 2020?

Well! I have another single dropping end of September entitled ’Passion’. It’s another one by Will and myself. If you loved this record there’s no doubt you’ll love the next song. It’s sexy and thought-provoking.