Shaking up the Wiltshire Scene, Evocative Indie Rock Band Daydream Runaways Releases, "Gravity"

These Indie Rock neophytes are well versed in the art of reimagining the modern music scene, and with "Gravity," they've proven themselves, specialists. The new single is their most recent release since 2019's well-accepted "Fairy Tale Scene," and though their enthusiastic approach is unchanged; it still feels like a revelation for the indie scene as a whole.

"Gravity" blends a retro tone, and a powerful, expansive production into an understated yet extraordinary form of indie-rock that feels as artfully natural as a great painting. This piece is gleaming with electric guitar sweeps, and the punchy vocals of a confident frontman seamlessly blended together with a smoldering bass groove and sparkling drums. It's not unusual to be reminiscent of some of the '90s greatest hits when listening to the tonality of the instruments featured here. Daydream Runaways lyrics follow a lack of restraint and are eccentric enough to feel authentic. Their fearless vocals shudder with just enough emotion to unobtrusively devastate through the provocative message being conveyed.

When Daydream Runaways confides, "don't wanna let you down again, want you to never hurt again... won't be your saving grace" it's a moment so poised and believable that you may notice a drawing of inner reflection. "Gravity" is uplifting in this manner, and full-hearted, bursting with energetic vocal performances, guitar solos, and crashing breakdowns before the final crescendo of the last chorus. They cohere around the "darkest days" motif, which functions as a reminder of the relatable seclusion that girdles the new song's conception. In this nature, this song unmistakably proves to render some relief from these challenging times. With productions privy to the likes of Muse, and industrious rhythms reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, "Gravity" is undoubtedly forecast to be on repeat in our playlists this month.

Listen to "Gravity" here.