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Shane Morgan Raps Isn’t Afraid To “Waste Time” In The World Of Love

By now, we should all know creating an enchanting universe of sound is not foreign to Shane Morgan Raps. This holds especially true for his latest single, "Waste Time," where every beat is a dance of atmospheric elements and alluring drum patterns.

With a magical blend of harmonies and bold rhyme schemes, Shane Morgan Raps musical prowess takes center stage, inviting listeners into a world where love and the desire to savor every moment become an irresistible melody.

The song's beat exudes an otherworldly vibe, setting the stage for Shane Morgan Raps charismatic delivery. As an independent artist, he showcases his multifaceted talents by crafting the lyrics and melodies and producing and mixing the entire track from the comfort of his bedroom. It's a testament to his dedication and a journey that began with studying songwriting and audio engineering in college.

"Waste Time" transcends the typical love song, encapsulating the essence of being head over heels and yearning to lose track of time with someone special. Shane Morgan Raps lyrics unfold like a heartfelt letter, carried by melodies that feel like tender caress. There's an effortless quality to how Shane weaves emotion into his music, creating an authentic and immersive experience for the listener.

The song celebrates those stolen moments that take your breath away, and his delivery adds a layer of relatability that makes the music feel like a personal connection. Beyond being a track, it's a musical journey where every note is a brushstroke painting the vivid picture of love and the joy of simply wasting time with the one who matters most.

As "Waste Time" takes place in Shane Morgan Raps repertoire, it reflects his ability to blend introspection with infectious beats, creating a sonic landscape that feels familiar and refreshingly original.

Shane Morgan Raps musical world is one where emotions dance freely, and with each listen, you find yourself willingly caught in the irresistible rhythm of "Waste Time."

This release hits home and comes at no better time of year than when love is in the air. Can you please shine a light on the inspiration behind the song and what emotions or experiences drove its creation?

This song came about during a time when I felt like I was going on dead-end dates. Nothing was going anywhere, and although I felt like we were having fun getting to know each other, I knew I was wasting time. 

The lyrics of "Waste Time" feel straight from the heart. How do you tap into a specific frame of mind when writing, and how do personal experiences shape the lyrical narratives in your songs, particularly in this track?

When writing my lyrics, I usually write from an extremely honest place. I'll freestyle melodies and lines but don't save a line unless I feel like I'm saying something other people wanna say but don't. With this track, I thought about all the dates or short-term relationships I was experiencing and wanted to make a letter expressing my honesty before anyone got too involved or got the wrong idea. 

How do you feel your music has evolved, especially genre-blending, and what do you aim to convey through this sonic diversity?

When I first started making music, I was heavily inspired by boombap rap and wanted to come up with profoundly introspective but catchy songs. Over time, I gravitated towards melody-driven genres like pop and RNB because of how fun it is to sing and express lyrics differently. I enjoy blurring the lines between genres and dipping my toes into new sounds while still sounding original.

What message do you hope your audience takes away from "Waste Time?"

The message I hope my audience takes away from "Waste Time" is simply understanding that things may not always be forever, but they may be fun while it lasts. 

What can your fans expect from your future projects as you gear up to open for other artists and tour NY? Are there specific sonic landscapes or themes you want to explore in your upcoming musical endeavors?

Regarding my upcoming musical endeavors, my fans can expect a full-length RNB project before summer. It sounds reminiscent of Timberland's production, with relatable narratives about modern-day relationships. The project is called "Wrong Place, Wrong Time," it should be coming out sometime soon. I'm excited to jump into the RNB space and put my best foot forward regarding narratives and songwriting. 


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