SharaLee Has a Story to Tell With Recent Release, "Rescue Me"

SharaLee is back to share her expressive and thought-provoking lyricism with listeners. As a Canadian singer/songwriter, SharaLee knows that she has a surplus of expressions to share with the music world, specifically expressions capturing more of a mature meaning. Being influenced by many other R&B/Soul artists, SharaLee uses her music for a place of reflection and contemplation for listeners. Her music has always been one for deeper meanings, as SharaLee knows she has much to say about the current standings of the world today. Her latest thoughtful creation? "Rescue Me", available on all platforms! 

SharaLee shares a vulnerable and anxious perspective of one who awaits freedom and redemption in her latest song "Rescue Me". Produced by beatmaker Douglas Richardson, the song unravels the story of one who undergoes injustice, specifically one who is hopeless in the time of injustice, waiting for a savior. SharaLee shares this heavy and emotional prospect in "Rescue Me", which is backed by a softer production. The melody of "Rescue Me" is extremely low-key, offering a spotlight for the storyline SharaLee ultimately has to share with listeners. We're anticipating more of these soulful contributions by SharaLee in upcoming music, but for now, we're perplexed by the methodical storytelling she's capable of manifesting within her music! 

Listen to "Rescue Me" by SharaLee here