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Share a Smile With Jeremy Schonfeld and His Heartfelt Music Video for "What Are You Doing Next Year"

The Beacon-based creator Jeremy Schonfeld gives us a smile with his heartfelt music video for his recent single, "What Are You Doing Next Year." Gearing up for the release of his album 'Brooklyn to Beacon' on November 27th, Jeremy Schonfeld is excited to take his next musical venture.

The celebrated singer/songwriter, composer, producer, occasional actor, mentor, and teacher is an avid worker and always gears his works to benefit others. While featuring the likes of Jeremy Schonfeld on multiple occasions this past year, we're incredibly excited to introduce his latest music video that naturally warms the viewer's heart.

Jeremy Schonfeld's music videos consistently capture lovely landscapes and smooth transitions, and his video for "What Are You Doing Next Year" is no exception. The video begins with picturesque fall scenery and Schonfeld playing the piano melody of "Auld Lang Syne," getting us ready for the holiday season ahead. Switching up the scenes from a warmly-decorated attic to the refreshing outdoors, we appreciate the beautiful transitions within this video.

While transitioning from the classic holiday tune into his song, "What Are You Doing Next Year," Jeremy Schonfeld spills his captivating vocals over jazzy instrumentation and sings of our inner evolution when times get tough. As Schonfeld begins singing of how grateful he is for his surroundings, we see scenes of his wife and kids grooving with the snazzy tune while naturally warming our hearts.

With a passionate performance from Jeremy Schonfeld, his wife, kids, and instrumentalists, his latest music video for "What Are You Doing Next Year' gets us ready for the season of giving.

We're excited to chat about your latest single and music video, "What Are You Doing Next Year." Where did the single's inspiration come from? What message did you want to deliver through your lyrics?

As always, thank you Buzz Music for you support! I wrote this one a few years back for a short film written by my friend and playwright, Craig Pospisil. It was a romantic New Year’s eve in New York City kind of piece (based on his play, “Months on End”). He ended up using the version of Auld Lang Syne I reimagined for the opening credits. Always knew there was a great version of the tune waiting to be recorded! Now, heading into 2021 feels like the perfect opportunity to release this song.

We see incredibly heartfelt and family-oriented scenes within your video for "What Are You Doing Next Year" that put a smile on our faces. Why did you want to show viewers a more personal side to your life with the feature of your wife and kids?

Good question! You know, we completed renovation on our attic just before the Holidays last year. I imagined events, concerts, gatherings up in the space - and then COVID. When we decided to push “What Are You Doing Next Year?” as the next single off “Brooklyn to Beacon”, I hoped that we might be in a position of looking forward into 2021 with renewed hope. Using the space (with brilliant artwork by local artist and friend Donna Mikkleson) felt like a natural idea. I had been self-recording up there in recent weeks already. Adding my family was a wonderful and personal bonus. Kind of a personal reflection on the bonus time we have spent together during this pandemic.

Your music videos always feature beautiful transitions from your videographer. Did you have any help behind the scenes of your music video for "What Are You Doing Next Year"?

Thank you! Jon Slackman is a friend here in Beacon and a really talented Editor. We lined up the shots, kept the ideas flowing yet simple and he brought the gear! He works fast, so version one was viewable within hours. Btw - look for a holiday edition of this song/video sometime in December!

We've heard that you're releasing your album "Brooklyn to Beacon" on November 27th. What should listeners expect from the project? Will you be featuring previously released singles within the album?

Yes! We release today, in fact. I really love the warm, introspective and even romantic nature of this album. I grapple with issues of aging, finding your purpose, and the end of one journey/embracing the new one. Really enjoyed creating this work.

What can we expect to see next from you?

More videos, more singles to release from “Brooklyn to Beacon”, a look back at some of my previous works as things (hopefully) begins to open back up, and in the ideal world, a brand new album in 2021!

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