Shaun Banks Tells Listener's the Truth in Authentic Music Releases

Shaun Banks is all about using his platform as a music artist, and recently, his focus is on the injustices involving the police force. He's confident in his ability to organize and set out his truth, which ultimately creates a strong-willed performance.

One of his recent singles that debuted was titled, "Pi$tols and Palmtree$", and it accurately depicted the many challenges, as well as personal emotions embedded into the current times.

Collaborating with artists Wallie the Sensei and Mar, the track saw such versatility in terms of the production and verse outflow. It was "Pi$tols and Palmtree$" that really garnered our interest, and we're seriously anticipating more of his creative nuance in his next track. 

Shaun Banks really does put emphasis on his innate passion for social issues, and he isn't afraid to openly express it. His drive for change is what propels the authenticity of his music, and we find him to be an artist that's constantly evolving his sound. With that, Shaun Banks ensures that his inspirational drive is just as high by keeping on top of both new and old music and consistently combining the best elements of his artistry.

As a conscious artist, Shaun Banks knows how to grow and morph his sound into a better version of himself, and we're definitely sticking around to see how he advances from here on out. 

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