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Shawn Brown Makes His Way Home In “Find Another Way”

Blurring the lines between various genres is a versatile recording artist and expressive singer-songwriter Shawn Brown with his latest single, "Find Another Way."

Shawn Brown never pins himself down to one genre. He's heavily influenced by soul singers, r&b, and guitar-based pop. However, he always seems to lean toward roots-heavy rock n' roll. After a hiatus from music, Shawn Brown is back and better than ever, ready to continue blurring the lines between genres and expressing himself with thoughtful lyricism.

Perhaps the best way to experience Shawn Brown's thoughtful lyricism is through his latest single, "Find Another Way." The song leans into a warm and tender folk-rock atmosphere while Shawn Brown discusses lyrics about battling through life's trials and tribulations and coming up with solutions to our issues. It's quite the cinematic and dynamic listening experience that you must witness for yourself.

Expanding on this inspirational single, "Find Another Way," the song opens with tender acoustic guitar melodies alongside warm country/folk instrumentals that linger in the background. Shawn Brown jumps into his vocal delivery with the utmost passion and emotion, expressing lyrics about finding his way back home and the troubles that arise along the way.

It's one of those songs that remind you to appreciate those easy moments with loved ones because we never know when things will change. Shawn Brown's beaming and brilliant vocal stylings are chilling to the bone; he passionately lets listeners into his personal world with journal-esque lyrics that see him pumping out motivational thoughts like finding another way to head back home.

When you need that extra push to get back on your feet, feast your ears on Shawn Brown's cathartic and emotional new single, "Find Another Way," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Shawn Brown. We adore the passionate and personal message within your recent single, "Find Another Way." What inspired you to write this inspirational and cinematic tune?

It’s awesome to be here with you guys, and thanks for the kind words about “Find Another Way”. We took a really big swing with that song, so I’m happy to hear you’re liking it! More than anything, I’d been thinking a lot about nostalgia and how much of a head-fake it can be. We all have these super flawed lenses when we remember back to our lives. Our memories aren’t terribly reliable as a result, so it’s an interesting relationship we carry along with our own stories. Our stories are deeply rooted in the core of who we are and, at the same time, often total BS. So basically, the song is about that complicated interaction between our flawed versions of the past and how we generate hope in the future.

Did you encounter any personal challenges when opening up and writing your lyrics for "Find Another Way"? What was that songwriting process like?

It wasn’t a difficult song to write lyrically. Thankfully, it all came pretty quickly - which is unusual for me. You mentioned the cinematic feel before; that part was where a lot of the real “sweat equity” went. Grecco Buratto kept pushing the build of the song, which is where you can really feel the string arrangement crushing it.

What core message did you want to share with listeners through "Find Another Way?" What did you want them to realize or take away?

It’s a good question. I like the idea that our plans rarely come to fruition, and practicing the flexibility to pivot to Plan B or C becomes one of our greatest strengths - if we choose to look at things that way. That's probably the main message, we can all figure out hard things.

What did you take away from creating "Find Another Way?" What moments or experiences about the process did you appreciate most?

It feels like a bit of a landmark song for me, somehow. Throughout the Covid lockdown, Rafa Lima and Grecco Buratto had been fine-tuning this super fun production process, which ended up involving Brendan Buckley and lots of other super talented folks. I think “Find Another Way” - the track - probably represents the best of that process.

What's next for you?

There’s a lot happening with the release of “The Rain Parade” EP and getting the word out about it. There are more and more live shows posting, so I’m really looking forward to playing the new songs for folks. Super fun!

You just released your EP 'The Rain Parade,' tell us about the new music and the meaning behind it.

I had a lot to say in these new songs; with all the political unrest, climate challenges, and continued racial and economic disparity - it’s hard not to get beat down by it all. More than anything, “The Rain Parade” is about working with the “gray” and trying to avoid all those binary, either/or thinking traps. We’ve all gotta get better at staying out of those and working in between!

Where can people find your music online and on vinyl?

Thanks for asking! “The Rain Parade” EP is now streaming everywhere, so you can jump on your preferred platform and go to town. We’ve got limited edition vinyl copies over at the Shawn Brown Online Shop, so grab a copy there while we’ve got um. (


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