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Shawn JL Re-Establishes his Dominion Over the R&B Scene with his Latest Steamy Single, " Spanglish"

Describing it as "The Take Over," Shawn JL returns from his musical hiatus to make his dominion over the connecting cornerstones of Alternative R&B and club Pop-Soul very clear.

With influences that channel the greatest intoners of past and present—The Weeknd, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown—this Montreal-bred Singer/Songwriter makes his moves up the industry ladder with buzzing versatility and vocal supremacy that carve out notoriety of his own.

This month, Shawn JL releases a Tropica-Club R&B slip and slide called "Spanglish," and it's scintillating with rousing sensuality, a magnetizing beat, and top-line that enamors.

"Spanglish" opens over an intoxication soft-tethered percussion that ruminated under an infatuating melody oozing from Shawn JL's warping vocals.

As the oscillating filters fade and the accented melodic downpours paint the expanses of this mix a sumptuous hue, the real rhythm manifests itself as a soca beat that propels the wheels of this fleshy R&B cut. The top line melody here renders so vividly, it's almost as we're in the same room as the Canadian singer as he infatuates us with his vocal prowess over the hook.

"Better come and show me loving, bend over, hope you drinking tequila," he swoons as blithe harmonies dissolve from above him, "keep on dancing and moving, appreciating your movement," it's clear his attention is focused on one thing, and we're invested in the vibe he's providing over the buzzing dance floor he's rendered up.

There's an abundance of tasteful flashes of brilliance as the individual instrumentals seamlessly weaving between themselves like self-operating cogs in a meticulous clockwork—every single component has its purpose.  When we look back, it's deniable that Shawn JL is back to business, and there's no doubt he'll be jogging across the stream counters on our playlists this month.

Hello Shawn, welcome to BuzzMusic, it's great to hear what you've been up to. Have there been any challenges getting back into the routine of things now that you are writing and recording most of the time?

No, the pandemic actually helped me in terms of my musical career. I took advantage of it by writing and recording a lot since I had a lot of time on my hands. The routine now is to wake up, write, and hit the studio at night. I feel like I record best during the night. Sometimes I will be working overnight just to make sure the single is to my standards. My standards are pretty high so I sometimes will work so hard on a song and still feel as though it isn't perfect. It can be a challenge and quite time consuming, but I do not feel it is right to release a song just for the sake of releasing. There needs to be a certain consistency as well as quality when preparing for a release as these songs identify you as an artist.

We really enjoyed your new single "Spanglish." What was the inspiration behind the creation of it?

”Spanglish” is set in a bumping, crowded club. On the packed dance floor, Shawn bumps into a girl who looks familiar, though he can’t tell where he’s seen her before. Still, their bodies seem to gravitate towards each other, as their eyes stay locked and the vibe to the beat. Shawn realizes that he knows this girl from the past, but she looks different; even better than he remembers. Their energies collide like chemistry, though that doesn’t stop him from seducing her even more. He wants her to be his, and he can feel it – she wants him too. This was the inspiration, as I pictured this type of scenery when I was recording. However, I have something quite different in store once the video drops. I wanted to allow the videographers to get creative with it.

Do you feel like you have a new and invigored spirit behind your creative musical intuitions this time around, and has it introduced any new Milestones to aiming for in your career?

I feel like I do have a new approach to my creative intuitions which is my worth ethic. Now that I am constantly working on my craft, I feel like it is easier to pave the path towards success. Milestones of mine include dropping an EP shortly as well as some new singles. I also have some stuff in the works in terms of local artists. Overall, I am working extremely hard on a constant basis to deliver high-quality music on a consistent basis. Consistency is key in this industry. However, I have already reached one major milestone in my career. This was the feature with Sean Kingston titled "Treat You Right". Working with a major artist in the industry and releasing a song we were both proud of was an exciting moment. I feel as though this made me realize what type of worth ethic was needed and how the industry really worked. This allowed me to set new milestones, ones that I believe will be reached soon.

What's been the most enlightening part about stepping away from music? And was there a lesson you discovered about yourself as an Artist during your downtime that you feel may be profiting you now?

To be honest I’ve been working hard on my sound. I’ve been writing a lot and recording a lot of singles for the year 2020. Many tracks are ready to go but I want to make sure that we drop music correctly in terms of timing and preparation. I am now comfortable with my sound and so I believe this will be my time to make my own dent in the industry. Yes, I've learned that consistency is the key and if you aren’t consistent, you’re going lose your fans and your listeners.

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

I’m excited to deliver my new music to my listeners. It felt like a weight off my shoulders to show what I've been working on for my people all over the world. That is why I have so much in store, ready to go. I am confident that people will relate to the songs or at the very least appreciate the work behind them. The genre of music I do, which is of course R&B, tends to relate to all different kinds of people from different backgrounds as well as age groups. That is why I feel like if one doesn't relate to one of my songs, they will relate to another. I am very excited to show what I've been working so hard on these past few months.


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