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She's Making a List And Checking it Twice, Kimberly Dawn Brings Joy With, "Christmas Wish"

Using her knack for storytelling, Country artist, singer, and songwriter, Kimberly Dawn uses music to express an authentic message of perseverance, humility, courage, and resilience.

The Canadian-born musician continues to share timeless stories of real-life triumph in the never-ending struggle to find bold purpose and powerful self-love. As a mother of four, Kimberly Dawn’s personal journey towards creating inner strength and balance on the road to living out her passion is one to which many women can relate, and one that she feels particularly suited to tell.

The hustle and bustle of 2020 have not stopped Kimberly Dawn from making mesmerizing content. Apart from the weekly blog that she operates that allows her listeners in on the behind the scenes experience of the industry, in February her upbeat anthem, “Nashville,” took the spotlight as she started the year off in true powerhouse fashion.

Along with the intoxicating ballad of, “’93,” in September, we were able to be exposed to numerous sides of Kimberly Dawn as an artist. Continuing to garner that major attention she deserves, the 50,000 fans that continue to rapidly grow, adore the essence of this emerging artist as they are screaming from the rooftops that they’re ready for what’s next. Just in time for Christmas, her fans don’t need to wait any longer, as Kimberly Dawn shares a Christmas classic of her own. Going out with a bang, Kimberly Dawn presents the festive spirit in, “Christmas Wish,” from her 2015 album, 'Christmas on My Mind.'

The delicate grace of the striking piano opening this ballad has our ears ringing with the joy the holidays bring. “Christmas Wish,” taunts us with enticing instrumentation as Kimberly Dawn’s heavenly vocals seamlessly blend into the composition. Transporting our minds to the beauty that this season holds, the gentle sleigh bells seeping through the piece adds the bow on top of this cherished narrative.

As Kimberly Dawn delves into the positive quintessence of her mindset, she shares the bright changes she wishes the world would embrace, if she had a Christmas wish to come true. As one who dedicates herself to the impact she has on the universe, Kimberly Dawn uses this moment to express the finer sentiments she holds within. Showing her listeners that Christmas is not just about material possessions, she makes it extremely apparent that she has more to offer than outstanding vocals.

The harmonious bliss that Kimberly Dawn offers up in, “Christmas Wish,” gives us everything we need this holiday season. Through the burning passion that ignites from within, she manages to immerse us in the intoxicating energy that she gracefully releases. As we approach the New Year, put Kimberly Dawn on your wish list as she is one to keep a close eye on.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kimberly Dawn, and congratulations on all the success 2020 have brought you. Looking back on the year, do you have any standout moments that have shaped you as the artist you are today?

Thank you so much. 2020 is a year that I will never forget that’s for sure. I have definitely had moments this year that have shaped me. Given the unique circumstances related to Covid this year, with the entire world being shut down, I was forced to go remote. From writing sessions, to live shows, to interviews, Zoom and Social Media live sessions became my new normal.

Placing the spotlight on your Christmas single, “Christmas Wish,” off of the 2015 album, 'Christmas on My Mind,' how different is your creative process from writing about a season versus other songs that you have released?

When it comes to the creative process of writing a song about a season versus other songs, I don’t necessarily feel like the process is any different. When I have an idea for a song, I like to tell a story. So whether it’s a story about the Holidays or a story about growing up in the ’90s, I am just storytelling. The goal of my style and process is to make the song feel natural and relatable to those listening.

Since the release of, 'Christmas on My Mind,' how have you grown as an artist?

I think I am always evolving as an artist. With every new music project, there is something new I discover with unique sounds which often leads to unique lyrics. This pathway continually creates new inspirations and fuels my songwriting direction.

Who inspires you musically that you allow speaking into your craft?

Garth Brooks has always inspired me with his music because the lyrics of his songs resonate with me. I consider him the most natural storyteller in the music world. His lyrics come across so simple and as if they were written specifically for each individual listening.

With your two singles, “Nashville,” and, “’93,” released earlier this year, could you please give us a glimpse of what the storylines are behind these melodies?

The inspiration for Nashville was simply about falling in love. Not just falling in love, but falling in love in the city I love most. I grew up on 90’s country music, that's when I fell in love with country music. It was a much simpler time so I wanted to write a song about the ’90s, a trip down memory lane.

As an artist, what happens to be your favorite part of the creative process?

I love the entire creative process from the beginning to the end of creating a song. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be coming up with an idea and writing a story.

What words of wisdom would you like to offer your listeners to take into 2021 with them?

This has been a challenging year for everyone around the globe. I would like to remind everyone that even in the darkest moments, there is a silver lining.



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