Shel’Yailah Mesmerizes Her Fans With Her Silky Vocals in New Single “My Heart"

Shel’Yailah is one of those singers with a born natural gift in her voice, her powerful and inspiring voice has the ability to reach down and touch people's souls. Keeping in line with Shel’Yailah’s good nature, Shel’Yailah chooses to use this gift to encourage others that nothing is impossible. This is especially true in her chill R&B release “My Heart”, Shel’Yailah’s message about getting over someone who doesn’t understand the faults.

This relaxed tune is full of deep smooth vibes, there’s an amazing modern sheen to Shel’Yailah’s voice but the instrumentation has a slight '90s flair that feels nostalgic. Shel’Yailah’s vocal performance is instantly one that will be hard to forget. Her tone is so incredibly smooth and silky, it sounds luxurious. We can’t help but feel at ease while listening to “My Heart”, there is a constant bounce going on but Shel’Yailah’s performance keeps it nice and chill, kind of like having a champaign at a late-night outside of a busy street. “My Heart” features a deep '90s styled bass, a modern characterful kinda trap kinda R&B drum, smooth delicate keyboards, a twangy guitar solo, and of course the amazing vocals from Shel’Yailah that you’ll instantly fall in love with. We are thrilled about this release and cannot wait to hear what else Shel’Yailah will be putting out for us.

Listen to “My Hearthere.

Hi Shel’Yailah! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We can’t stop vibing out to “My Heart”! How was this record initially created? Did it start off with any particular element?

This record was initially created because as a young millennial teen growing up at this time, we go through a lot emotionally that is not always comfortable to speak on, so I sat diwn one day and thought since God has blessed me to be able to share through music, why not express in a way that will help my peers effectively communicate the struggles of love and relationships we are experiencing. It started with me being honest and speaking straight from my heart literally.

Your vocals are the true highlight here, they are incredibly silky sounding. How has your voice changed throughout the years? Did you ever get any training for your voice? Was there a specific mentality you had to get in to perform this release?

My mom and family have always said my voice tone and strength is before my time, and I love it, but I can say over the years of nonstop singing, my voice has gotten stronger and more versatile. I have never received voice training and I am grateful that God has blessed me with a certain level of purity, but wisdom lets me know that in the future and as I continue to grow vocally, the voice will be a necessary asset.

There weren't any specific mindsets I can remember to bring in to deliver "My Heart". My mom and dad just told me to "relax and minister what you feel", so when I stepped in the booth, I did just that to the best of my ability.

The lyrical storytelling in “My Heart” is really deep. With your messages about someone, not understanding, how does this song relate to your life? What was the inspiration behind it?

The most honest answer is I experienced "My Heart" literally in my own life, I also observed it in some of my closest friends and even some of my family members lives, but the inspiration behind it wasn't the struggle,  hurt, or disappointment relationships sometimes brings, but the Strength and Power that Love has to bring you through difficult times. 

Being a leader among your peers must be something that feels amazing, how are some of the ways that you help encourage them to do the impossible? Do you have any personal guidelines that help keep you in check to achieve your dreams?

I have been a High School cheerleader for the past 3 years and it has taught me that it takes a group of Positive, Encouraging, Powerfully Inspiring group of people to come together and truly inspire. Being a part of my peers in this manner has taught me how to inspire and promote determination, perseverance, and a "never give up on anything" positive attitude and this pushes me to continue to follow my dreams. Personal guideline Gid 1st always". My mom, dad, and brother are my biggest fans and support system encouraging me daily. The morals and values my parents have ingrained in me help keep me focused on achieving my goals and dreams.