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Sheran Azmi Starts A “Revolution” With Her New Song

Come with us as we explore the depths of Sheran Azmi's new song "Revolution," produced by Bulletproof Productions.

R&B/Soul artist Sheran Azmi has been enchanted by music from a young age, always taking music lessons and playing with singing and songwriting.

Forever inspired by her brother, who always pushed her to try new things and shared her passion for music, Sheran Azmi is just trying to spread some light in the world. She has finished and released her debut album 'Aligned,' including the song "Revolution," which we will take a closer look at.

"Revolution," written and sung by Sheran Azmi, is a feel-good track that will make its way to your heart. Starting with soothing piano, "Revolution" captures your soul even before the beat kicks in.

Sheran Azmi's vocals swoop in to provide captivating and inspiring lyrics, delivered with a soulful tone. Her voice is soft and luscious, amplified by the addition of some vocal layering.

The steady beat is the backbone of "Revolution," accompanied by the occasional soft trumpet instrumentation to add some flare and spirit to the song. Sheran's lyrics embody individuality and not letting anything bring you down. She sings about bringing people together, something she is incredibly passionate about. "Revolution" truly displays Sheran Azmi's journey to get to where she is today. A heartening track wrapped up in the groovy piano, uplifting drums, and moving lyrics.

From Sheran Azmi's new debut album 'Aligned,' her expressive song "Revolution" is available for listening now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sheran Azim, and thanks for sharing your new song "Revolution" with us. What was your songwriting process like for this track? Where did you draw your inspiration from?

It was an experimental process exploring different soundscapes and techniques to find that earthy feeling it gives off. I was inspired by all the current world problems and being able to see through all the illusions and tactics.

How does "Revolution" fit into your new album 'Aligned?' What is one thing unique that is unique about "Revolution?"

It fits in by aligning as a collective to make a change. Everything that we as a collective / humanity has gone through over the years, good or bad, has aligned us to this moment to make conscious change for our future and those who come after us. Realizing we are free beings that create our own reality by making the right choices not based on fear or illusions but from the truth and inner knowing. Unique in that it is a call to action for removing any fear or illusions impacting the human experience. Inner- standing that the power of love can heal the world when we come together.

It is quite liberating to see how you've taken the hardships in your life and turned them into something that can inspire others. What do you hope listeners take away from your song "Revolution?"

I hope it inspires them to eliminate doubt, fear, anxiety, or loneliness and find comfort in knowing we are and will always be protected and connected.

As a newly independent artist, what advice would you have for someone who is also breaking out in the music industry? What keeps you motivated?

  • Embrace the small wins

  • Appreciate the love people show your music

  • Invest in yourself

  • Keep going

  • Be yourself

  • Speak your truth

Passion and purpose keep me motivated.

What's next for you?

Just living in the present moment and continue creating.

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