Shines a Light on Love With, "Don't Tell Me"

From Memphis to Dallas, the artist/producer, Aquadice releases her sincere and thoughtful R&B hit titled, "Don't Tell Me." Combing 'aquatic' melodies with infectious lyrics, Aquadice has produced for a variety of artists including but not limited to Doja Cat and Ye Ali. Known for mixing and bending genres, Aquadice's latest single "Don't Tell Me" definitely lies within the heart of R&B/soul. With sweet-sounding melodies and natural vocals with a hint of autotune, she's created this incredibly modern yet sincere track that emphasizes love in all its ways. We're getting early Travis Scott/The Weeknd vibes from the sonics, while Aquadice evens the track out with genuine emotions and mesmerizing vocals.

The opening "Don't Tell Me" with Aquadice's sweet vocals, she begins singing a passionate story of wanting to keep it real with someone by her side. She delivers this dominant and authoritative tone with her lyrics and ultimately makes the listener feel this sensation of comfort and ease. This mid-tempo love song gives these dark yet vibrant vibes that could light up the city with the song's natural charm. Aquadice has honestly swooned us with each lyric she spills towards the person she has her eyes on. She paints a surreal image where the listener can place themselves as the main character in her passionate situation. "Don't Tell Me" has us waiting for more sultry R&B bangers from Aquadice, be sure to give this single a listen as it's one you won't be able to forget.

Hello Aquadice and welcome to BuzzMusic, it's great to have you with us. What drove you to create such a mesmerizing love song with "Don't Tell Me"? Did you have a specific moment that inspired you to create the song?