Shines a Light on Love With, "Don't Tell Me"

From Memphis to Dallas, the artist/producer, Aquadice releases her sincere and thoughtful R&B hit titled, "Don't Tell Me." Combing 'aquatic' melodies with infectious lyrics, Aquadice has produced for a variety of artists including but not limited to Doja Cat and Ye Ali. Known for mixing and bending genres, Aquadice's latest single "Don't Tell Me" definitely lies within the heart of R&B/soul. With sweet-sounding melodies and natural vocals with a hint of autotune, she's created this incredibly modern yet sincere track that emphasizes love in all its ways. We're getting early Travis Scott/The Weeknd vibes from the sonics, while Aquadice evens the track out with genuine emotions and mesmerizing vocals.

The opening "Don't Tell Me" with Aquadice's sweet vocals, she begins singing a passionate story of wanting to keep it real with someone by her side. She delivers this dominant and authoritative tone with her lyrics and ultimately makes the listener feel this sensation of comfort and ease. This mid-tempo love song gives these dark yet vibrant vibes that could light up the city with the song's natural charm. Aquadice has honestly swooned us with each lyric she spills towards the person she has her eyes on. She paints a surreal image where the listener can place themselves as the main character in her passionate situation. "Don't Tell Me" has us waiting for more sultry R&B bangers from Aquadice, be sure to give this single a listen as it's one you won't be able to forget.

Hello Aquadice and welcome to BuzzMusic, it's great to have you with us. What drove you to create such a mesmerizing love song with "Don't Tell Me"? Did you have a specific moment that inspired you to create the song? 

This song was inspired by a particular time in my life where I was dealing with my first REAL heartbreak. I was in a long term relationship and my partner cheated on me after we moved into a new home together. It was a big transitional point for me in my life. I realized I was giving so much of myself to this person that I had nothing left for myself. It's then that I started to become aware of how much I needed to love myself even more and nurture who I was to become. So in a way, the situation really built my confidence and helped me grow.

Seeing as you're also a producer, how did you go about producing and laying down the sonic fundamentals for "Don't Tell Me"? Was the track recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered solely by you?

I actually didn't produce this record this time around but I did record my vocals. I had been watching a new and very talented artist named Clever for a while and I followed his producer JJ Stevens because I really fell in love with his sound.  Long story short, JJ put a beat out over Instagram and asked people to send in their best demo's as a contest. I submitted my version of the song on his track and he loved it and we connected after that point. So, fast forward here we are with this masterpiece. The beat was originally produced for Juice World so I knew I had big shoes to fill, respectfully. RIP to the legend Juice World. The record was mixed by my good friend from back home Ari Morris. He does work for a lot of major artists in Memphis, I knew he was the best possible option to make the record come to life sonically. He's been behind me since I first started making music so to have him working on my records now is really dope.

Have you noticed much change in your music since moving from Memphis to Dallas? How does the Dallas music scene push you to create more music?

That's a great question. I would definitely have to say it changed my approach more than the actual sound itself. Since I've been in Dallas, I have learned so much and gained so many experiences with the people I've worked with and have gotten to know here. It has really added to my muse collection where I pull my inspiration from. I'm more experienced at this point in my career as well and that plays a huge part in the quality of my music now versus when I was back home in Memphis. Dallas has helped me expand my palate. 

Who are some major musical influences that might have inspired you to create music on your own? What made you so drawn to their music, and why does their music resonate with you so much?

I'd have to say the biggest inspiration for me, the top 2 artists from my generation would be Kanye West and Drake. I found Drake from being a "Degrassi" fan and I remember hearing his first mixtapes "Room For Improvement" and "Comeback Season". The way those tapes made me feel about sonics and rap and melody it just opened my mind in a whole new way. I think Drake was one of the best things that happened to modern music. Kanye's influence inspired me to want to be in full control of my creative process. His artistry was proof that you can create and define the sonics while expressing yourself all in the same idea. I've been a musician since I was 5 years old and growing up and discovering these two fueled my fire to want to be a part of Hip Hop and R&B specifically.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

My inspiration in 2020 has had to be myself honestly. I think right now in music you have to be self-motivated even if you don't receive the validation. I think that's how I look at things now being more mature in my artistry. I used to do it for attention and the fame I thought I wanted, but I genuinely love to create so much that I've built myself up to where I am now. I just want to share that with the world or whoever's listening. I invest a lot of money and time into my artistry and my main motivation for doing so is trusting my own vision and wanting to see it through to the end. 2020 is all about perseverance and execution for me. I've spent the bulk of my career believing in everyone else, producing for other artists, and now it's my time to focus on myself.