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Shining A Spotlight On Danny Arcane's Double Feature, “No Remorse” & “You Don't Know Me"

With his particular mood, singer-songwriter Danny captures audiences with his double release that speaks volumes and blurs the lines between genres.

Danny holds his space between indie pop and rock with flushing guitar sounds and a storytelling mood that attracts the listeners with his highly relatable lyrics. As we enter the realm of "You Don't Know Me," the music video feature on Arcane's double release, you can instantly tell he has signed his signature all over it."You Don't Know Me" sends a powerful message that will strike chords with listeners today.

"No Remorse," the second song featured on Arcane's double release, is a song for anyone who ever really wanted something so wrong but then, after receiving it, no longer found it worth it.

The upbeat vocals led by guitar and drums and Arcane's story behind how it all started make it a unique piece of art. "I pictured all the photos talking back as I looked at them, which sparked the initial idea, over more thoughts kept popping into my head, and I combined those ideas along with some other influences, and the concept was made."

Check out more on Danny Arcane and his double release here.

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