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Shining A Spotlight On Miles Jenson’s “Rose Colored Glasses”

Miles Jenson, raised by his Nashville musical surroundings and a jazz pianist of a father who helped to open the door, has released his latest heartfelt single titled "Rose Colored Glasses."

Growing up around these different sound textures, Miles Jenson found himself creatively, and his ability to absorb melodies and musical patterns - became his foundation. His storytelling, songwriting, emotion, and personal life experience have taken Miles on a profound journey of self-discovery through his unique path and craftsmanship.

Back to prove himself again in "Rose Colored Glasses," outstanding records have always come swiftly for the talented songwriter. Songs like "Indiana Jones" & "Wet Leaves" can genuinely speak for his undeniable talent! The track's uplifting ambiance begins with emotion-filled chords that sweep you up, bridging you to the upbeat, feel-good chorus. It showcases his everyday thoughts about change and growth and how it significantly impacts his life.

In Miles Jenson's recent interview with BuzzMusic, and was asked how the Nashville music scene differed from the Los Angeles scene. "...Nashville is narrative, conversational and often heartwrenching..." in Los Angeles, he found many similarities between it and Atlanta, as artists go there to 'make it' and are often keen to collaborate.

We asked Miles about his creative process behind "Rose Colored Glasses," and he stated, " just flowed out of me, and that doesn't happen all the time...". He mentioned that after playing verses chords, it took him to a place where people romanticize their pain to lessen the severity of it. Miles is highly aware of his sarcastic lyricism and style with a dark undertone to it and that how he creates is a true reflection of himself.

Read the full article and interview with Miles Jenson and his gorgeous new single "Rose Colored Glasses" here.


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