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Shining A Spotlight On MKHL And His Sophomore Album, 'MKHL'

MKHL, originally from Kingsbury, London, is back to gift our ears with this self-titled conceptual album, 'MKHL.'

Since releasing his previous album in 2017, MKHL has been working consistently on perfecting his craft, pen game, and performances. Let's jump in as we start off with the introductory track "Distant (ft Jadakiss)," he dives in with an amazing vocal appearance and then dives into bars that talk about the hustle and fast-paced life.

Track 2 "A Lie" corners us with such flawless cinematic strings, with a hip-hop beat and a deep attention-commanding flow. MKHL dominates in this lane, and we're so happy to see it!

As we continue "The Deep" takes us on a Spanish-like brass that rings out a more uplifting and radiant feel. And as for "Vibes" and "Or 2" we can clearly see a bright future for MKHL as he continues to wow us with timeless music.

He's not done yet as the next 6 tracks take you on a journey worth unfolding, where you'll find unique, hard-hitting production and real true vocals that'll have your head bobbing and your hips moving.

MKHL said: "The album is more of a personal journey. My main goal was to create a vibe, the music you can listen to while you drive or have played at a party, and everyone is just feeling it."

Catch the hit-maker MKHL and his self-titled album 'MKHL,' with the full review here.

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