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Shining A Spotlight On of persephone's “Rainbow Road”

of persephone, an Atlanta-based band fronted by singer-songwriter Sarah Rae gained international attention with their unique genre, siren rock. Their debut album, 'Bridge to Neverland,' released in 2022, shows Sarah's love for synthesizers, pop/punk, shoegaze, and operatic vocals, all blended in an eclectic sound.

The standout track from the album is "Rainbow Road," this song takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery and freedom. The lyrics tell the listener to break free and escape the norm to pursue their dreams. The reference to Alice in Wonderland is apt, as the song's theme of falling down a rabbit hole of self-discovery is reminiscent of the classic tale.

Sarah's vocal performance is impressive, and her style adds a bold flair to the song. The band's instrumentation is equally impressive, with great guitar leads and a driving rhythm section that propels the song forward.

The chorus's repeated "Rainbow Road" refrain is catchy and memorable. The song's production is top-tier and has a clean sound that allows every instrument to shine. The arrangement is balanced and complements each element to create a cohesive record.

"Rainbow Road" represents the persephone's unique sound and style. It's a song that inspires listeners to embrace their individuality, and it does so in a way that is both uplifting and musically captivating.

Read more about of persephone as they take us on their "Rainbow Road" in the latest BuzzMusic review and interview here.

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