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Shining A Spotlight On Safety Word, And Their Electric Release, 'Amnesia (Remixes EP)'

This synthpop duo The Safety Word, and electronic record producer Valoramous released an eclectic remix E.P. featuring six different remixes of their conceptual and punchy single "Amnesia." The song touches on the unfortunate "Amnesia" Western societies represent when navigating through geopolitical events. The new remix project features producers like 3 Tribes, Valoramous, Robodop Snei, Increment, Eckul, and The Wav A.P.S.

Now let's reflect on the release "Amnesia." The track kicks into gear with the original "Amnesia" track, where a melodic and bright synth melody leaps through or speakers alongside distant and sultry synths to liven things up. Once The Safety Word's lead vocalist John Rousvanis makes his way in, he quickly shifts the atmosphere into a reflective and thoughtful listening experience as he sheds light on the meaning of gratitude and its importance.

Moving on to the second remix, "Amnesia (3 Tribes Remix)," we get to hear the tech-house stylings of 3 Tribes as they open the song with the same distant synths but in a more syncopated rhythm to ramp up the complex tech-house feel. Pumping up the energy is the third remix, "Amnesia (Valoramous Festival Mix)," which takes off with more of a big room sound through an exciting 128 BPM kick that blasts through our speakers and takes us to the mainstage of our favorite electronic fests.

Jumping over the E.P.'s halfway point with remix number four, "Amnesia (Robodop Snei Remix) [Radio Edit]," this remix offers a high-energy progressive house approach that kicks off with vibrant keyboard melodies and moves quickly into the punchy drums. Reaching remix number five, "Amnesia (Increment Remix)," this experience leads with the same synths but incorporates choppy, hazy, and mysterious breaks.

Taking a spin on remix number six, "Amnesia (Eckul Remix)," this track begins with a slower, more reflective tempo that amps up the dark and sensual energy. Landing on the E.P.'s final remix, "Amnesia (The Wav A.P.S. Remix)," we totally step outside of the electronic realm and head into the metal rock sounds of The Wav A.P.S. through blazing rhythm guitars and intense, punchy drums.

In their recent interview with BuzzMusic, they dove into the record and its making. John mentioned how collaboration was set up through Simon during the difficult times in 2021. Simon mentioned how he met Valoramous and their aims when they worked on this huge collaboration. They portrayed such amazing skills and passion for their art, but they definitely won't be holding back on the fun, that I can assure you.

Check out the full review and interview with this talented duo here.


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