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Shining A Spotlight On The Tenacious Quartet, Lunarcode

Calling all Alt/Rock lovers to the listening table. Lunarcode is your contemporary, buzz-filled, insanely energetic, four-piece alt/pop/rock band that knows how to create a killer record.

The latest work the band put out included their insatiable single, "Cuttin' the Cord." The moment you press the play button, prepare for an attractive, fierce, and determined rhythm to fill your listening ears. In their BuzzMusic interview, Lunarcode shared that the energy raging in "Cuttin' the Cord" was done so by the inspiration of toxic people.

Dealing with an array of individuals who only brought challenges, Lunarcode was able to see that such people couldn't possibly serve them in a positive way. That being said, the influence was garnered for "Cuttin' the Cord" and the song was officially written.

Knowing "Cuttin' the Cord" possesses impactful lyricism, Lunarcode admits there's a sense of empowerment felt when signing the lyrics to the song. Their release is meant to have a "fighter" type of energy, with real integration of thoughtful, authentic messages.

If you've had the chance to check out the music video for "Cuttin' the Cord," you'd know the imagery is versatile at best. During their interview, Lunarcode shares that they intended there to be a ton of symbolism sewn into the video. "Cuttin' the Cord" was the true energetic, artistic expression from Lunarcode, in which their deep emotional being was put on full display.

Next up for Lunarcode includes another music video release, as well as their "Stories Untold" album release, set to debut near the end of the month.

Check out Lunarcode and their full BuzzMusic article on "Cuttin' the Cord" here.

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