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Shoot for the Moon With KiTTN's Conscious Offerings in, "Aim High"

Leading the pack, the fierce sounds of songstress and rapper, KiTTN stays pushing the envelope of her distinctive sound with each release she puts forth. Condensing a fusion of the very best traits from the genres of, Hip-hop, Funk, Jive, and EDM, the New York City artist continues to submerge her rapidly growing fan base in her staple talent of renovating poetic scripture and short stories, into enthralling tracks that have heads turning.

Embracing the nostalgic varieties of her latest single, “Aim High,” you feel KiTTN release an overbearing weight that has pressed down her, as she takes matter into her own hands. The incendiary fundamentals that the instrumentation encompasses have you prepared for the intimate offering of cold hard bars that KiTTN is notorious for.

As her vocalization triumphs any musical elements in this single, you hear the roaring message that comes from an insightful residence living within the artist. Taking a moment to reflect on the perseverance and determination that has gotten her to the exact moment that she stands in, KiTTN reiterates that the events that have tried to knock her down will only allow her to aim higher.

Victorious with her unmatched cadences that flow through your mind like a babbling brook, KiTTN devours the beat as she sprawls her unapologetic persona in the lyrical dexterity presented. Delivering us the simplistic, yet mesmerizing hook that glues the pieces together, the focus shines in her heavily weighted verses conveyed.

Approaching this artistic concept with a conscious mind, we admire the zone that KiTTN hones in on as she embraces her old school Hip-hop roots. KiTTN remains top tier as she continues to flaunt her charismatic drive all over the records she produces.

We always love keeping up with your releases. The attitude that you place into, “Aim High,” is remarkable. With your talents bordering numerous styles, what inspired you to take this pure emcee-like delivery in this song?

Hey BuzzMusic, thanks for having me back! It’s always a pleasure connecting with you. The vibe of this song was 100% inspired by the beat, which was produced by BOGER. It reminded me of those perfectly hard-hitting, gritty songs from Nas or JayZ. I channeled that energy in the opening lyrics “mark your calendar, it’s about to be a monsoon” and it ended up forming into a low-key diss song aimed at rappers who lack creativity in their rhymes. The latter verses touch on some darker topics such as dealing with growing up without a father and how it affected my confidence.

With each song having s different takeaway, what are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging in, “Aim High”?

I want the listener to feel empowered to reach for the stars; sounds cliche but this song is all about perseverance and keeping your eye on the prize, even when obstacles cross your path. There’ve been several times throughout my music career where things didn’t pan out as I’d hoped, leading me to feel as if I should stop. In these moments, I listen to music to help get my mind back on track. Although people seek inspiration from various outlets, I hope this song will encourage you to forge ahead, no matter how hard it may feel in the moment.

You mentioned in a previous interview with us that you want to leave behind a positive legacy in the music that you release. Has this been something that you’ve always known you would do when you first started creating music? Was this what jump-started your career as an artist?

Not necessarily. I’ve always had a positive disposition, enjoy being around people and building connections (my mother used to say it’s because I am an only child, lol). Since I was a kid, I found writing to be therapeutic. When I’m purging my feelings, it always feels good; I think that is why it unintentionally speaks positivity into existence. The writing was absolutely the catalyst for me to start making music so it feels like an organic transition.

Being so active with your releases last year, can we expect that same intensity in 2021? Are there any projects that you’re looking more forward to than others?

Oh, I plan to bring the heat in 2021 please believe! My main goal this year is to engage more personally with my fans, so I am planning several performances in order to achieve that. I am super excited to announce my first concert which will be performed live on Instagram Friday, March 5th at 7 pm EST. My second concert will be live on Left Bank Magazine’s Youtube page on Monday, March 8th. Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on all future performances.



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