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“Shooting Star” By B9dger Is a Club Banger For The Summer

Scotland native b9dger grew up in a city just outside of Glasgow. His stage name holds a special meaning because his late father has called him badger since a young age. As a music producer, b9dger strives to create music for people to dance to enjoy. His style can be described as commercial house or pop/EDM. Since the age of 29, b9dger has focused on creating music and starting his own journey.

Released today, b9dger’s debut single “Shooting Star” is a catchy track with an addicting melody and a danceable backbeat. His production skills are flawless but not over produced. With a fresh launch into the music industry, b9dger’s fresh sound and addicting drops will have him rising to the top. The revolutionary soundscape that “Shooting Star” exudes will put your mind into a trance and allow you to escape reality. As an artist, b9dger focuses on translating concepts and emotions into sonic sounds. The sounds are consistently changing while staying true to the overall melody and polished tempo. Equipped with an ear for modern music, b9dger is here to stay. We can't wait to see what he drops next!

Check out “Shooting Star” here. Read more with b9dger below in our exclusive interview!

Hi b9dger! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Hi, I'm a musician/producer from Scotland making commercial dance music. 

I bought my first music software around 2011 but due to work/life etc I never really got into it.

Around 2016 I decided to upgrade my DAW and was spending as much time as I could, around my day job, learning and improving my music production skills and that's sort of led me to here... with my first release.

Who are you biggest musical influences? Why?

My biggest influences with regard making music without a doubt are Calvin Harris and Avicii. First and foremost I love their music... Their melodies and their production skills just inspire me. Also Calvin Harris being Scottish and seeing how well he's done is always an inspiration. 

Tell us about your new single “Shooting Star”. What was the writing process like?

Shooting Star was actually a track I created a couple of years or so ago called Sun-Kissed but as my production skills improved and I now have some better instruments and gear I decided to go back and revisit the track and basically do a fresh edit of it. I always liked then track and melodies etc and thought it had some potential. After re-working the track it just needed a nice vocal now so I reached out to Cammie and she really liked the track so Shooting Star was born. 

Now that you’ve had a taste of releasing music, can we expect more singles from you?

I've got quite a few finished tracks just sitting and another 12 or so that are about 80% completed so the plan at the moment is a new release either every month or every other month. So yeah... more new music on the horizon.  :-)

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

I feed my passion for music mostly by creating new music and listening to other artists music. I love nothing more than getting in the car or going out a walk and listening to new music on Spotify. Not only do I just love the music but it's a great source of inspiration.


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